Birds of Michigan Series: Chickadee

A few days ago, I finished a painting of a chickadee. I love chickadees, because they are the ones that watch out for danger. We have a hawk nearby, and when the chickadees give the alarm, all the other birds go completely still until the most alert chickadee gives the “all’s clear” signal. Here heContinue reading “Birds of Michigan Series: Chickadee”

Learning to go on Etsy: The Confused and Bewildered

Okay, I admit it. I’m new to this online marketing for art stuff. Below is a stock photo that shows how I felt yesterday, when I tried to create my first etsy listing: :Okay, maybe I’m a little cuter than this, but you get the idea. For months, all my friends have been telling me,Continue reading “Learning to go on Etsy: The Confused and Bewildered”

Experimenting with Spatter painting: Lake Michigan Shoreline

Okay, since I’m mainly self-taught (well, I did minor in art in college, but they didn’t teach much painting technique, mostly drawing and design) I like to check out art books from the library, learn about techniques and…experiment. Sometimes they work out, sometimes they are disasters. I went to Lake Michigan a couple of weeksContinue reading “Experimenting with Spatter painting: Lake Michigan Shoreline”

Does Good Art Require Caffeine?

I admit it. When I get ready to start work on a painting, I require the help of caffeine. The photo below shows my favorite forms of consumption: Hot, black, dark roast coffee and dark chocolate. I love espresso, when I can get it, but will settle for Seattle’s Best Dark Roast at home. ThisContinue reading “Does Good Art Require Caffeine?”

Birds of Michigan series: Titmouse

Recently, I’ve been painting birds. I did a couple for one of the bathrooms in the house I live in, to complement a series of birdhouses that a roommate put up. They look nice together, along with the shower curtain that has…birds. I live where the birds constantly come and visit, due to the feedersContinue reading “Birds of Michigan series: Titmouse”

Plein Aire painting of Atoka Lake

I love to paint outdoors, and capture the feel of a landscape on site. This is a plein aire (outdoors on site) painting that I did awhile back of the trees at Atoka Lake in Oklahoma. I was fascinated by the textures of the lichen growing on the bark, and wanted to show it. IfContinue reading “Plein Aire painting of Atoka Lake”

Whoo Hoo! (Got Juried In)

Okay, I am very excited. My art got juried in at a local gallery: ArtWorks in Big Rapids, Michigan. I just talked with one of the artists there on the phone and my art will soon be hanging in their gift gallery.  Word on the street here in West Michigan is that they do prettyContinue reading “Whoo Hoo! (Got Juried In)”

His Love (painting)

A couple of months ago I painted a painting that reflects my heart and my faith. Here it is:  I call it “His Love” (oil, 18 X24 on canvas board). It reflects to me the essence of God’s tender, nurturing love. I recently sent it along with two other paintings to be juried at aContinue reading “His Love (painting)”

Spring Road in Michigan

The other day, I noticed that there is a LOT of purple and green in the Michigan landscape. So, I set out to create a painting that reflects this: The real painting isn’t quite this purple in real life (this is a not-so-good photograph with glare; I need to learn how to take better picturesContinue reading “Spring Road in Michigan”

On painting landscapes

Mountain Stream, Pennsylvania  Oil, 16 X 20 on canvas boardI love to paint landscapes. I enjoy trying to capture the feel of water rushing over rocks, and the soft greens, yellow greens and grays of trees; or in winter, the russet browns and yellow ochres. On a trip to Pennsylvania two years ago, I tookContinue reading “On painting landscapes”

Public Enemy Number One for the Michigan Artist

I love to paint plein aire, or on-site, landscapes. I recently moved to Michigan from Texas, where I congratulated myself frequently for my ability to sit in the hot (110 degree) sun and paint under conditions where the turpentine would evaporate in minutes, even in the shade.  I looked forward to painting the lush greensContinue reading “Public Enemy Number One for the Michigan Artist”