Month: March 2020

  • Colt in a Field

    I love horses, used to own several and ride a lot. I wanted to paint a colt, so I did: I put him in a lovely field of flowers. I used a limited palette of ultramarine blue, hooker’s green, burnt sienna, burnt umber, yellow ochre; napsa yellow and titanium white. This one was tons of…

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  • An image of Hope

    Last weekend, I was doing art jam with my friends, and this pen and ink picture came out. I had been dealing with some worry about the stay-at-home order, and this picture really comforted me; it is so true. I hope it blesses you, too!

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  • Quick Goose sketch

    I was visiting a friend on Lake Huron last week, and saw geese and seagulls everywhere; I did this very quick plein aire sketch of a gander watching over his mate while she fed. The white dots are seagulls in water. I had to do the sketch (in acrylics) in 5 minutes, because he was…

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  • World’s Strangest Looking White Flower

    I decided to give myself a challenge, and paint a white flower that really does look like this. Okay, some of you will think “Darn, that’s an ugly flower” (like my friend did), but it was a great painting challenge, with lots of lights and darks. I used a limited palette (titanium white, ultramarine blue,…

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