Month: October 2021

  • A Year of Birds: April

    By mid-April, the migratory birds are back, and it is a delight to both see them soaring in the air and hear their calls in the trees along the beach.  The other day as some friends and I were hiking, we came upon an amazing sight: a group of 7 cedar waxwings was perched on…

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  • New Gallery Representation

    I am pleased to now have my art represented at a third local gallery: Hanni Gallery in Harbor Springs, MI. She currently has nine of my paintings, and I encourage anyone who can to visit this outstanding gallery. There are wonderful hand-crafted items in 3-D as well as paintings.

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  • Prophetic Clock: dream

    This was a dream I had in fall of 2020. In this dream, I saw a huge clock. It was enormous, like Big Ben. I saw the hands, and it was pointed at ten until midnight; very close to midnight. Midnight signified the start of a new era in God’s kingdom; the end of this…

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  • A Year of Birds: March

    It is March, and the weather is finally starting to warm up a bit – it even goes into the mid-40’s on a sunny day! The snow is starting to melt, and the landscape is slowly turning from white to brown. Locals are used to the “spring slush” in which back roads turn into muddy,…

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  • Migrating Sanderling: acrylic painting

    A couple of weeks ago, when walking on the beach, I came across a group of sanderlings migrating south. One was exceptionally cute, and this painting is the result. As usual, I painted this with a limited palette of Tit. white, ultramarine blue, yellow ochre, burnt ochre, burnt sienna and a touch of payne’s gray.…

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  • A Year of Birds: February

    Since I am new to living in north Michigan near Lake Huron, I was surprised to discover that the bald eagle not only stays all winter long, but juveniles can often be seen hanging out near Misery Bay and other frozen marshes next to the now frozen lakeshore. They will at times hunt together along…

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  • Eagle Wind: dream

    In this post, I will share two different dreams that I had one two different nights. The first one is very encouraging; the second one seems to have a warning. I pray that they will bless you. Eagle Wind (10/1/21) In this dream, I saw a huge bald eagle standing to the side of our…

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  • Flickers on the Ground (acrylic)

    I think flickers are beautiful birds. A couple of months ago, I saw some in the side yard, busily eating ants (these woodpeckers like ants from any source, including an anthill!) This was painted in acrylic with a limited palette: titanium white, ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, burnt umber, yellow ochre and sap green.

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