• Bluebird

    Bluebirds are so pretty, I had to paint one for our bathroom. I love their bright eyes and beautiful colors. This is a pdf file, so you’ll have to click on the link to see it.  Bluebird (oil 8 X 12)  

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  • Stuffed Animals Portrait

    I have a friend who likes to collect stuffed animals, and the other day she asked if I would paint four of her favorites. Of course I did; it was a ton of fun. I especially like how the bunny turned out. This is one of those whimsical paintings, quite a bit different from my…

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  • Blue Bouquet

    I like to play with acrylics as well as oil paints. This is a painting of a bouquet that a friend gave me awhile back. It took two days to paint; I loved the bright colors, and put the flowers in a copper pot in my kitchen for contrast. 

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  • Hairy Woodpecker oil painting

    Before I came to Michigan, I had only glimpsed a woodpecker twice in my life, from a distance. Because at our house we feed suet as well as birdseed, the woodpeckers come several times a day. I love the red head of the pileated, and how small the downy woodpecker is, but my favorite is…

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  • Best friends forever

    Best friends forever, oil, 18 X 24 canvas board

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