Artist Statement

Since early childhood, I have drawn, colored and painted, falling in love with form, line and color. This passion for light and color has continued into adulthood, where I minored in art in college, and in my paintings done in oils and acrylics.

Growing up on a farm in the hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, I began watching and drawing the birds that I saw in the streams, woods and fields. My art reflects my love for these winged beauties in their natural habitat. These are based upon field studies where I observe and sketch their activities, as well as my own photographic references. I also love depicting all forms of nature, including flowers, trees, marshlands and other wild landscapes.

Our creator is the greatest artist of all, and my goal in my paintings is to show through the medium of acrylic and oil paintings, the beauty found when seeking out the secret, somewhat hidden spots – and the birds and wildlife that inhabit them.

16 thoughts on “Artist Statement

  1. Hi Yeshua. I am pleased you enjoy Mango and Sticky Rice. It’s my favourite Thai dessert. I think your paintings are beautiful. I’d love to see them displayed bigger. James

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I was born in Michigan, and have vacation property there. We have a few things in common, love for birds is one. I raise endangered Lady Gouldian finches.

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