Prophetic Dreams

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Revival and the Tunnel: a Prophetic Dream about the coming revival and persecution

The Coming Battle and Strategies for Overcoming: a dream about the coming battle, God’s strategies and being overcomers

Waterfall and the Coming Revival: a dream about the coming revival and angelic activity

Preparing for the Battle: a dream about the coming spiritual battle, and getting prepared

Angels Pouring Glory: dream about angels pouring out glory on the earth

Worse Before It Gets Better: a dream encouraging that things will look worse, then get much better

A Dream about Worship: Prophetic. A dream in which I learn some things about worship

Two Calls to Prayer: two dreams about issues to pray about during this time of world unrest

A Synopsis of Dreams: a discussion of coming events seen in dreams over the past two years

Revival is Sure: a Dream about revival and separation in the nation

Water in the Desert: a dream about witnessing during difficult times to come

Blessing and Judgment: Dream about healings in the coming revival, and civil war

The Battle and the Glory: A Dream about God’s Army and Satan’s Army in conflict

Eagle Dreams: A dream about eagles and coming events

Dream About Israel: A dream about future events in Israel

The Prophetic Clock: A dream about the prophetic clock and events to come

Eagle Wind and Running Horses: a dream about revival, and warning

In God’s Kitchen: A dream about cooking with the LORD

Pray for Israel: A dream about events to occur in Israel, and prayer points

Comfort in Sorrow: A dream about comfort after losing a loved one

Dressed in the Flag: A dream about the prophetic revival and ministries in the United States

Don’t Fear the Beasts: A dream about overcoming fear

In the Throne Room: A dream about the throne room of God

Hope for Difficult Times: The source of true hope

The Picnic Tables: A dream about the coming revival and ministries

The Believers and the Judges: A dream about judgment and justice in the U.S.

The Golden Bowl: A dream about the coming revival in the U.S. and the world

Angel of Justice and other dreams: about the coming revival and justice

“Reading the Bible”, acrylic, based on a dream of Jesus comforting me during a difficult time by reading the Bible and specific verses
“Marriage Feast of the Lamb” based on a dream of what comes after the great battle at the end
“Love for Him” based on a dream in which I poured out my love for Jesus like a fragrant oil, acrylic 11 X 14 inches
“Revival Angel” based on a dream of revival fires being lit around the world in 2021
“Empowerment”, acrylic, based on a dream in which Jesus showed me that He is the one who empowers us to go to the nations and share His word
“The Last Battle”, acrylic 16 X 20 inches, based on a dream of the last battle

Left top image: “After the Storm” showing how after a dark winter, revival will come to the US with the spring. Top right: “Mining for Treasure” based on a dream in which Jesus encourages believers to search for treasure and revelation which will be poured out during the coming revival; bottom left: “Store the Word”, a dream in which the LORD said to begin memorizing scripture for strength during a time when scripture will not be easily available; mid-bottom: “Coming Revival”; bottom right “The Library of Heaven”.

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