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  • The Nicest People Ever

    I just finished a weekend art fair in a nearby small city. This was my first “big” fair, meaning a booth fee of $200, which was a little intimidating. But I wanted to try one of the bigger fairs being held at a local resort conference center (it IS late fall in north Michigan, so…

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  • A Year of Birds: Sept 2023 Part 2

    A Year of Birds: Sept 2023 Part 2

    Because the birds are migrating, and I went to Seeney, there were a lot of photos this month, so I divided the photos up. My friends and I are going to spend a day at Seeney, during the height of the migration season. On the way there, I saw some mallards sitting by Isaacson’s Bay.…

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  • Getting ready for new exhibit

    This has been a busy time of year, getting ready for an exhibit in Detroit, and will be taking my art to a new gallery in Grayling. I am also preparing for an art fair in a few weeks. Today, I also delivered prints and painted birdhouses to a gallery in Harbor Springs. Below are…

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  • On Giving Back

    I believe that each of us has things that inspire us, concern us, and motivate us. These are the things that we are passionate about, the things that cause us to take time, effort and even donate money towards.I have several things that qualify for the above. In this post, I want to share about…

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  • What Michigan Artists Do in the Winter

    The past few weeks it has snowed a LOT. Here’s a picture of what it looks like outside my front door: Since before moving here two years ago, I lived in warmer climates (California, and then Texas), I was amazed by the amount of snow that falls – and stays – each winter. The landscape…

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  • New Gallery

    I am very pleased that some of my art was accepted at Art Reach Center in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. They have some wonderful art there, and it’s well worth visiting if you are in the area. Kim, the Director, is very knowledgeable, and has her own art there. Yay! Now my art is at three…

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  • Lion of Judah

    I have a special friend who has a birthday coming up, so I painted a picture of one of her favorite themes. It’s in oils. The original is a bit warmer, this is the best the photo shows.

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  • Teshuvah

    I have a good friend who also likes to paint, and she created a combination oil and acrylic painting that represents this season of Teshuvah (repentance) in the Jewish calendar. Here’s the result. I really love this, and hope that you enjoy it as well!

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  • What House Cats Dream About

    A couple of years ago, I painted a portrait of my tabby cat on the hunt. This is a whimsical one, I call it “What House Cats Dream About,” since he looked as fierce as any lion or tiger when stalking through the grass.

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  • The Show Saddle: Still Life

    All of my life, I have loved horses. when I worked on a horse ranch in Texas, I dragged one of the show saddles into my kitchen, and painted this painting. I had fun creating the glazes and the textures in the saddle and the horse blanket.

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  • The Gathering: oil painting

    I took a photo of some seagulls a few months ago near Lake Michigan (Ludington beach), and decided to paint them. I call it “The Gathering’ because these little guys do love to gather together!

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  • Blue Bayou: East Texas

    I decided to put one of my older paintings (from two years ago) up. I had fun painting the water lilies in the bayou that runs beneath a small bridge in East Texas. I love painting water and reflections, and the subtle greens and browns.

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