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  • The Nicest People Ever

    I just finished a weekend art fair in a nearby small city. This was my first “big” fair, meaning a booth fee of $200, which was a little intimidating. But I wanted to try one of the bigger fairs being held at a local resort conference center (it IS late fall in north Michigan, so…

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  • Osprey Resting

    I think ospreys are beautiful, and wanted to paint one that I saw near Houghton Lake in Michigan a few weeks ago. I watched while he ate a fish he had caught, and then continued resting for a bit in a tree near the water. “Osprey Resting on a Log” acrylic 16 X 20 inches.

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  • Chickadee on Wild Roses: acrylic painting

    “Chickadee on Wild Rose Arbor” acrylic 11 X 14 inches. I have a friend who has a beautiful arbor with wild roses that grow on it. A few months ago, I painted this picture, with a chickadee sitting as they often do on it. It is a nice reminder of the late summer time!

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  • Sandhills Flying: Acrylic Painting

    I think that sandhill cranes are beautiful birds, especially in flight when the markings on their wings can be seen. This is a fairly common sight over the marshes and fields of Michigan. I decided to paint this pair flying in a deep blue sky to show the complement between their ochre red-orange colors and…

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  • Portrait of a Bird Lover (acrylic)

    A few weeks ago, I saw this man walking around with two birds perched on his arm and shoulder. I knew I had to paint him, asked permission to take his photo, and he agreed. Tom now has a portrait that shows his love for his birds, and gave me permission to post this on…

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  • Yellow Legs in the Evening: Acrylic Painting

    I saw this wonderful little bird in the marsh a few weeks ago. They stop here on their way north to Canada, and I always enjoy watching them feed in the evenings. This painting was done with acrylic, using my usual palette. I wanted to show the fiery glow on the still brown marsh plants…

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  • Nocturne on Lake Huron: oil painting

    I love painting various types of light, and different types of day. This painting is inspired by how beautiful Lake Huron and its inlets are in the evening, when the water is a symphony of blues and silvers. The painting is of a great egret silhouetted on the lake. I used my typical palette (ultramarine…

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  • Chair on the Beach

    Last fall, when bird watching, I happened upon this stone bench by the shore. It was lovely, with the water all around it, and I decided to paint it in acrylics. It was a challenge – and fun- to paint the light on the water. I added in a bird resting for a moment, since…

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  • Chickadee on a branch: acrylic painting

    This has been a busy fall, and I haven’t had much time to paint – or post paintings. This is a painting that I did find time to do this month – a chickadee sitting on a snow-covered branch. My goal was to capture the form of the chickadee and the light hitting him. I…

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  • A Year of Birds: February

    Since I am new to living in north Michigan near Lake Huron, I was surprised to discover that the bald eagle not only stays all winter long, but juveniles can often be seen hanging out near Misery Bay and other frozen marshes next to the now frozen lakeshore. They will at times hunt together along…

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  • Flickers on the Ground (acrylic)

    I think flickers are beautiful birds. A couple of months ago, I saw some in the side yard, busily eating ants (these woodpeckers like ants from any source, including an anthill!) This was painted in acrylic with a limited palette: titanium white, ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, burnt umber, yellow ochre and sap green.

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  • Sandhill Cranes: Oil Painting

    A few weeks ago, I saw some sandhill cranes feeding in the evening light at Misery Bay. I took a bunch of photos, and decided to take a more impressionistic approach to these beautiful birds. I used a limited palette for this oil painting: tit. white; ultramarine blue, cerulean blue, Burnt Umber, burnt sienna, yellow…

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