Category: nature painting

  • Trumpeter Swans: Oil Painting

    I love swans and the reflections on water, and painted this in oils with my usual palette. “Trumpeter Swans, Seeney, MI”, oil, 16 X 20 inches.

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  • New Gallery and Busy Month

    I was pleased to be juried into the Holiday Exhibit at Crooked Tree Art Center in Petoskey, Michigan, as well as their consignment store. Above are two of the paintings that went there this past weekend, along with other paintings and some prints. Petoskey has a quite active art scene, and was also a fabulous…

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  • Plein aire paintings

    At times, I like to paint the areas near where I live at in plein aire. These are a couple of quick acrylic studies (done in less than an hour each) that I did during the past few weeks. The first is of whitefish point in the upper peninsula, in the early morning. The second…

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  • Green Heron in the Marsh: Acrylic Painting

    I love finding green herons, since they are fairly shy and hang out in marshes where there are fewer people wandering by. I saw this one in a secluded marsh across from Isaacson’s Bay a few weeks ago, fishing and then pausing to check me out. I used my typical palette in this acrylic painting.…

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  • Blue Heron in the Marsh Grass

    I love blue herons, and saw one in a marsh near Isaacson’s Bay recently, and painted him near some water almost completely hidden by the late summer marsh grasses. “Blue Heron in the Marsh Grasses”, acrylic, 16 X 20 inches.

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  • Merganser and Young: Oil Painting

    I love watching mergansers on the bay, and saw this mother and her two young sitting on a rock a few weeks ago. I loved how protective she looked in the evening light. “Merganser mother and young” oil, 11 X 14 inches on canvas board. I used my normal palette for this painting.

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  • Least Sandpipers: oil painting

    “Least Sandpipers: Houghton Lake” The painting above sold at the art fair that I was at last week. It is 11 X 14 inches, oil (I have yet to learn how to photograph oil paintings well, because of the shine; the original looked a lot better). This was done with my normal palette with the…

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  • Great Egret: Chromatique

    I wanted to play with color, so I painted this egret (originally seen by me at Isaacson’s Bay a month ago) using all the colors, from black to pure white, and the colors in between. This was fun to do, and I hope you enjoy it as well. I used a wider palette than usual:…

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  • Osprey Resting

    I think ospreys are beautiful, and wanted to paint one that I saw near Houghton Lake in Michigan a few weeks ago. I watched while he ate a fish he had caught, and then continued resting for a bit in a tree near the water. “Osprey Resting on a Log” acrylic 16 X 20 inches.

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  • Art Fair in the country

    Last weekend was a two-day arts and crafts fair out in the country, which was beautiful. It was a chance to practice setup, and discover that I had ordered the wrong tent (I ordered a new one today) before the art fair in July. I sold three paintings, several ornaments and a painted birdhouse, so…

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  • Getting ready for new exhibit

    This has been a busy time of year, getting ready for an exhibit in Detroit, and will be taking my art to a new gallery in Grayling. I am also preparing for an art fair in a few weeks. Today, I also delivered prints and painted birdhouses to a gallery in Harbor Springs. Below are…

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  • Art commission: Summer Beach, Lake Huron

    Recently, I was commissioned to paint the shores of Lake Huron to be a Christmas gift for someone who wanted this reminder of fun times with a friend this summer. This is late summer, with the goldenrod blooming (no birds, either!) This painting was done in acrylic, and I enjoyed painting it with my usual…

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