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  • Portrait Day 7

    The portrait is finally done. For some reason, my camera picked up more yellow than is in the original. I added yet more details to the face, softened transitions, added more details to the dog’s fur. The pit bull was painted with raw umber, burnt sienna and ultramarine blue for darks; and yellow ochre, burnt…

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  • Portrait Day 3

    Today, I added some highlights, shadows, and more detail, especially to the girl. I am also adding more colors to the dog’s coat. I am trying to keep my light consistent in the background and on the objects; it’s a warm mix of cad. yellow med., yellow ochre, and titanium white. It’s starting to come…

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  • Birds of Michigan: Greeting the Morning

    I love finches, because they add color and liveliness to the landscape. This painting catches a finch clinging to a twig as the morning light shines on him. I painted the grays with a mix of ultramarine blue, transparent oxide red, black and titanium white;  I used these colors and added cadmium yellow for the…

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  • Birds of Michigan Series: Winter Partners

    I love to paint birds, and winter scenes, so this painting combines these two. One is a sparrow, the other a chickadee. What I love about the sparrow is the fact that his posture reminds me of a “grumpy old man” sitting there on the bush.  These guys came to the feeders last winter, and…

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  • Learning to Use a Palette Knife: Mountain Waterfall

    I am finally learning to use a palette knife for the first time. I like it, but realize it will take time to master using one. I particularly like the effects on rocks. So, I chose a rocky scene (one a friend shot in Colorado) for this landscape. Water is my favorite thing to paint,…

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  • Ferns

    One thing I’ve discovered about living in Michigan that is VERY different from Texas is the ferns. They are everywhere, especially when you live in a state forest like I do. They grow like weeds here, but are pretty. I think that the ferns and moss (my lawn in the front is actually partially moss)…

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  • How to Paint a Bird: Learning to make a video

    A friend of mine has a videorecorder, and so the other day, I decided to try and make my first video. Here’s what I have to say about it: the adage “you learn from your mistakes” is certainly true! I DID learn a lot about what NOT to do, and so the next time I…

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  • Yellow Iris

    Last spring, I took a picture of some iris in our garden; recently I finally got around to painting them. Here’s the picture:

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  • Michigan Birds: Cardinal

    I love cardinals: their calls in the spring, their bright red against the snow, and the cheer they bring. Here is the first cardinal painting I have done; I plan to do another one in a week or so.

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  • Michigan Lighthouse painting final

    Here’s the finished painting. I added highlights in light blues, alizarin, and yellow ochre on the rocks and waves. 

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  • Bluebird

    Bluebirds are so pretty, I had to paint one for our bathroom. I love their bright eyes and beautiful colors. This is a pdf file, so you’ll have to click on the link to see it.  Bluebird (oil 8 X 12)  

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  • Stuffed Animals Portrait

    I have a friend who likes to collect stuffed animals, and the other day she asked if I would paint four of her favorites. Of course I did; it was a ton of fun. I especially like how the bunny turned out. This is one of those whimsical paintings, quite a bit different from my…

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