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  • A Year of Birds: July 2023

    July is starting out warm, and very green. The marshes are beautiful, and during a recent hike I saw a blue heron flying overhead on its way to another bay. A few days later, while  driving into town, I saw what looked like a falcon on a telephone wire. I believe it could be a…

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  • Kingfisher in early spring

    This is a painting that I recently completed in acrylics. I love the light in early spring near Lake Huron. “Kingfisher in early spring, Michigan” acrylic 16 X 20 inches

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  • Kingfisher: Acrylic painting

    I have been very busy with work and getting for an art fair next week, but I did finish a painting of a kingfisher. This was done in acrylic, and is based on a sighting in Presque Isle several weeks ago. There is a marsh near the lighthouse where these birds hang out during the…

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  • A Year of Birds: July

    July 2022 The weather is getting warmer now each day, bringing the whine of mosquitoes and the droning buzz of deer flies. The only value I see in these pests that bite whenever I venture outdoors is that they do feed the birds and their fledglings. At a nearby park on the river, I saw…

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