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  • A Year of Birds: February 2023

    The warm spell at the January didn’t last. It is, after all, winter in northeast Michigan. The temperatures dropped to a chilly -5 degrees F in the early morning, and I am feeding the birds twice a day now (and the deer, too! They come by regularly for snacks). The ground has turned from a…

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  • Morning Visitor: acrylic painting

    I have been experimenting with painting lights and darks, using a limited palette of yellow ochre, ultramarine blue, burnt umber and titanium white. This little sparrow was sitting on a rock in my yard recently, and I wanted to capture the moment. Moments like this remind me of the beauty of God’s creation.

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  • A Year of Birds 2022: February

    The deer come to the bird feeder, and try to finish off any seeds left over. I see them each evening at around 4:30 pm. The numbers vary, but with the long, hard cold of winter, they are desperate for food. They are also fairly tame; I can almost walk up to them and pet…

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  • Nuthatch in the Tree: Acrylic painting

    Last week, I heard the most amazing laughter coming from the trees. I searched, and found the source: a little nuthatch, chuckling away. This painting was done to highlight how agile these birds are. This was painted using my typical palette of ultramarine blue, titanium white, burnt umber, burnt sienna and yellow ochre.

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  • A Year of Birds: February

    Since I am new to living in north Michigan near Lake Huron, I was surprised to discover that the bald eagle not only stays all winter long, but juveniles can often be seen hanging out near Misery Bay and other frozen marshes next to the now frozen lakeshore. They will at times hunt together along…

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  • Trees in Winter

    Because it is winter time, and there’s lots of snow on the ground, I decided to paint an acrylic picture of trees just as the snow has stopped and the sun is getting ready to come out. Trees in Winter, acrylic and sand collage, 2/24/20 painting As usual, I used a limited palette: yellow ochre,…

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