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How Art is Like Baking Cookies

I have a friend who bakes fantastic cookies for her friends. Below is a picture of her peanut butter and M & M cookies:


As I was helping her bake the other day, I got to thinking: baking great cookies is a lot like creating a painting.

-You start with raw ingredients that by themselves, don’t seem like much (or, raw paints that by themselves, don’t communicate much).

– You mix the ingredients together, and they create something that tastes good (you mix the paints together, and they make colors and shades and hues that look good)

-You have to wait patiently while the cookies bake, visualizing those tasty treats as you smell them (you have to wait patiently for the layer of oil paint to dry, visualizing how great that finished painting will look).

-Finally, you get to take a bite out of something delicious, that people really like (hopefully, people will really like your finished painting).

If you’re a good cook, word gets out, and people gather around when you bake, wanting a tiny sample. If you’re a good painter, friends, family and clients gather around, asking you to paint for them.

Plus, it’s really fun: the process is almost as good as the finished product!

Happy Fourth of July.


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  1. You’re right. There’s a bit of science to creating an oil painting, too. Understand chromatic hues, tints and relative values, knowing which paints are transparent and which aren’t, refraction….

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