Bouquet of Flowers: acrylic painting

I love flowers, and decided to take a photo of some beautiful ones I saw at a friend’s house (with her permission). I found that acrylics are perfect for capturing the lights and dark values.

Beautiful Bouquet, acrylic painting 14 ” X 11″ canvas board

The colors used were ultramarine blue; alizarin crimson; yellow ochre, Hansa Yellow, sap green, titanium white, burnt umber and burnt sienna.

5 responses to “Bouquet of Flowers: acrylic painting”

  1. Thank you both; I value your comments because you both create beautiful paintings. I wish the photo looked more like the real thing (the colors are richer; the photo washed them out on the left side). I am going to try to scan it this week. hope it will help.

  2. This painting is beautiful . I know what you mean about being disappointed with the colours and texture in photos – perhaps I need a new phone !

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