Boat on the Beach

I love the water, and boats, so I decided to do this painting of a boat at sunset. I went back to oils for this one; it is still wet, so the glare prevents the colors from being fully true (too much yellow in the highlights, etc.)

a rowboat at sunset, oil painting by Yeshuas Child art

As usual, I went with a fairly limited palette: ultramarine blue, cerulean blue, burnt sienna, burnt umber, cadmium yellow, yellow ochre, cadmium red medium, alizarin and titanium white.

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Professional artist specializing in oil paintings of birds and nature.

6 thoughts on “Boat on the Beach

  1. It’s so wonderful!!! 😍 I love the shades of the sunset,the water is sublime!!! It’s the perfection,is very great!!! 😍 words are not enough to describe the fascinating beauty of your wonderful painting! Thank you so much for sharing!!! β™₯️

  2. Be careful of the direction of your brush strokes as they give the impression of the sea being higher than the land ( unless that is what you are intending). The wash from the wave would be better done in horizontal stokes – as you’ve done them in the background.
    Also there is a kink in the main wave in the background which contributes to the illusion of the higher sea.
    Hope this helps.

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