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4 Waves: Prophetic Art

Yesterday, I was doing prophetic art with two friends of mine. As I prayed about what to draw, I clearly saw the following:

drawing of confusion, revival, persecution and glory (Jesus returning).

I saw first a time of confusion, wondering (which I believe we are in now), which will actually bring in revival. During the revival, I saw that there will be incredible blessings, miracles and healings. After several years of revival, I then saw that there will be persecution for Christians. The chains represent Satan’s attempts to shackle the church, but he will fail (this is why they are broken) and the church will shine brighter than ever, and bring comfort to those who are seeking God, even during this time. Finally, I saw Jesus returning (I pictured Him on a white horse).

I don’t have timelines for any of this, other than that we are in the first stage right now. The good news is that God is getting ready to do some wonderful things, as we pray for revival and transformation for our nation and our lives. What seems difficult will actually bring in a time of incredible blessing as we turn to God in prayer, and He responds out of His love.

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