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Dive with Love: Prophetic art

Over the past few months, I have had a series of dreams. I am sharing pictures of these dreams in the hope that they will encourage you, and help you to understand how very much God loves you, and has good things in store for each of His children.

pencil drawing of scuba diver with air tank labeled love getting ready to dive
Diving with Love, pencil drawing, 11 X 9 inches

In this dream, I was next to a large river. Jesus went in, and He held my hand, and He said, “I want you to go all the way underwater, and stay there”. So, I did. While I was underwater, I opened my eyes, and saw things rushing past in the water; symbols and creatures and pictures, things that I couldn’t understand, because they were going by faster than my mind could fully comprehend. I stayed under until I couldn’t any more, then I came up for breath.

Then, I went to the shore; I felt happy, but overwhelmed quite a bit by it all, while also peaceful. I asked Jesus what it meant. He said, “When people are fully immersed in the river, revelation comes quickly,” and I then understood that the river represented prophetic revelation that comes from the Holy Spirit. Jesus then said, “Try to get used to being underwater.” I went back at least two more times, and the second time, came back to shore wet, and said, “But I want to understand what I’m seeing; it’s going by so fast, and I don’t understand.” In response Jesus said, “If any man lack wisdom, he should ask God, who gives wisdom” and “in Jesus is hidden all the treasures of wisdom and understanding”. I knelt before Jesus, and asked Him to give me understanding, to give me wisdom.  The third time I went underwater, Jesus took my hand and held it the whole time, and I went in and under again, and this time, I could understand what I was seeing. The river hadn’t slowed down; I had somehow “speeded up” in my ability to comprehend what was going by.

When I came back out of the water, Jesus said, “Revelation requires wisdom, and always looking to the Father”. He gave me a gift of a diving wetsuit and gear, and the air tank was full of the Father’s love.  He then warned me that I could plunge into the river of revelation, and it could actually cause harm, if I don’t understand the Father’s love. He reminded me that when I was under the water, to breathe deep of the Father’s love. He said to be careful with what was seen (when and how I share), and treat what is seen as precious.

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