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Throne Room (prophetic Art)

This painting is inspired by a dream I had last October. Please be aware that dreams are symbolic, and this is an attempt to describe things that are indescribable. The painting is of cherubim, but they look very different and much more beautiful than what I was able to portray.

The dream:

In this dream, my friend and I were in the throne room of heaven. The light in heaven looked like reflections from the rainbow above; it was all different colors and beautiful beyond belief. Jesus then told us that if we want to feel perfectly safe, perfectly loved, to turn to the Father (God). We were distant from the throne, and Jesus slowly drew us nearer, at a walk (honestly, I was in such awe, it was hard to walk, my knees shook). The closer we walked towards the throne, though, the more peace and security and love I felt. Then Jesus said, “This is what you will experience if you let the Father love you.”

acrylic painting of cherubim in an abstract style
“Cherubim”, acrylic 16 X 20 inches

There was a table there, too, in front of the throne, where man can sit and enjoy fellowship with God because of what Jesus did for us. In the throne room were rows upon rows of angels of all types, including cherubim who are indescribable – they seemed to move and flash and throw off sparks, and yet had wings and each had a body, but it was in a spiritual state that was moving constantly, I can’t describe it well. There were people there, too, and both angels and people were singing, worshipping God. They were singing not only the song of the redeemed, but the song of the victor, who has overcome.

Holy Spirit turned to my friend and I, and said “I want you to sing with the others”. We realized we were dressed in the same clothes the others were; we suddenly had golden palm branches in our hands. We both opened our mouths and sang; the words came out. I didn’t have to think about it; I looked at Father, Son, Holy Spirit and the song and words just came, effortlessly. The song was about each one of us and our love for God and His love for us, yet about much more than that. For the first few notes, just my friend and I sang; then the others joined in and we all harmonized. God gave us the song to sing; He filled our mouths with it and it was beautiful and wonderful and glorious to sing to Him.

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