This painting was inspired by a dream I had, in which I saw what basically amounted to a “strategy room” in heaven. I saw individuals gathered around a table, some were people from the Bible (like Joshua), and they had a map of the world, and were working on strategies for various nations (not sure what the strategies were, but I felt they would be answers to prayer). Angels would come in and out, and as they did, you could smell the incense in their robes, which represented prayer. Some of the angels appeared to have a sash that represented a particular nation, and in the dream, I noticed that the angels that came from countries where the persecution of Christians is especially intense had the strongest, sweetest smell on them.

acrylic painting of an angel carrying a golden bowl filled with incense representing prayer
Prayer is Like Incense, acrylic, 16 X 20 inches

The main effect of seeing this that I got was the fact that prayer is effective. It is part of God’s ongoing desire for the nations, that we intercede; the prayers were being brought to heaven, and answers given, or were in process. I know that dreams are symbolic, and feel that the main message was not “what things look like in heaven”, but was “pray and intercede; it is important.” Our prayers do make a difference.


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