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Golden Bowl: Prophetic Art

Last night, I had a dream in which I first went into a river filled with God’s love, and spent time in there. It was wonderful, filled with love, security and peace, to be in the river with Jesus (He had taken me there). He then said “Dive down into the river” and I did. As I did, I saw the following:

Angel with a golden bowl pouring out revival over America, painting
Golden Bowl: colored pencil

I saw the United States (and later, other nations). There was an angel with a large golden bowl, filled with water, tipped slightly over our nation. As I watched, the bowl turned over onto the US, and a flow of water began to pour across the US. As the water hit various regions, huge revival broke out, with miracles, healings, salvation and encounters with the love of God. As the revival came, I saw people out in the streets, singing and dancing for joy and worshipping God for hours – they were so full of joy, they didn’t want to stop! The worship went on and on, and as it did, the pouring and the revival grew and grew. I saw the revival come to Gainesville, FL; Tulsa, Ok; New York, NY; Macon, GA; Franklin, TN; Tulsa, OK; Fort Worth and Dallas, TX; Sacramento, CA; Columbus, OH and other cities around the nation. I realized that the bowl was already tipping – the first streams of the revival have already started –but that the great pouring is just about to begin.

I then saw angels pouring bowls on other nations, around the world – we are going to see worldwide revival!

Then, I saw another scene. There was revival, and people were holding candles in their hands that were blazing in the night as revival came. Some of the people had huge “lighters” in their hands, and they were igniting the candles – and the cities. People would go from one revival, and bring a lighter to another city, and start the fire there; it just grew, going from city to city, and I realized that people will be carrying revival from place to place, praying, doing miracles, and ushering this amazing time of encounters with God. It was joyful and beautiful to see.

I believe this will occur before the end of this year. I also saw a picture of a woman holding an armful of grain, with the word “Shavuot” emblazoned across her, and I realized that the LORD will be doing an amazing work by Shavuot (in May) of this year, a great start to outpouring. It was such as blessing to see another confirmation that we are on the edge of a tremendous revival!

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