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The Believers and the Judges

Recently, I had a dream that impacted me strongly when I woke up. I felt it was a real call to prayer, and so I am sharing this here. I make no claims that “this is what is going to happen” since dreams are symbolic, and to be honest, I am still praying about what it means, although in the dream, things were explained pretty clearly.

In this dream, I was with Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and we entered into a room in a library in heaven. As we entered, I saw a large angel dressed in a very ornate golden robe who bowed to Jesus, and led us in. We came to a table on which rested an enormous book – the book was as large as a room inside a house. It had a leather and wood cover with a beautiful ornate design on the outside, and was called “God’s Justice Visited on the Earth.”
The angel opened the book to a page fairly far in the back, and I saw that the pages we were looking at were about the United States. On the left-hand page was written “Injustices that God will make right” and there was a list that included:
• The murder of the innocents (abortion)
• Corruption in the Courts (bribes; favoritism; seeking political gain and power; lying; cowardice when threatened)
• Corruption in the Legislature (the taking of bribes; agreement to blackmail; pedophilia; seeking political gain at the expense of integrity and other wrongs)
• Unjust Scales (business practices that include greed, unfair wages and oppression of workers, as well as sinful banking practices, such as influencing currency rates and inflationary rates)
• Corruption of the Minds: wrong educational laws and acts
• Corruption of Communication: this included media, entertainment, the arts and other venues, in which the desire for fame, money, personal gain or other wrong motives created wrong practices within media and the arts
• Corruption in the church: lack of prayer; lack of love; love of money; lack of helping the poor or orphaned; compromise; unbelief and complacency
These were some of the things written on this page.
On the right-hand page was written “Decrees to Judge and Correct the Injustices”
I saw things such as:
• Calling the believers to prayer and fasting for our nation
• Witnesses will go forth, proclaiming the truth
• Enacting righteous laws
• The wind blowing out and cleaning the corruption: the sheep will be separated from the goats
Holy Spirit then indicated that there will be a supernatural differentiation between those who serve God, and those who do not; the differentiation will be evident, much as Israel was differentiated from Egypt. The reason for this will be to draw unbelievers to repentance and to experience God’s love.
I asked Holy Spirit why He was showing me this, and He said “Because my prophets will be declaring this, so there is no misunderstanding of what is happening, and if possible, to help people turn to the Father before this happens.”
I then saw a room filled with Christian believers, who to my surprise were wearing robes like judges and barristers used to years ago. In their hands, they were holding scales, and I saw them going around weighing everything being said and done.
I asked Holy Spirit “What does this mean?” and He said “A time of great deception is coming upon the world, and the believers I am calling will be weighing and evaluating the truth or falseness of what is said and done, and proclaiming this publicly. I will not leave the world without voices to proclaim the truth, or to reveal what I am doing.” I then said, “Holy Spirit, we will need your help in this.” I asked what the nature of the deception would be, and He responded that I would recognize it when I see it.
One of these believers with a scale went into a courtroom and showed him that the judge’s scales were off balance and tipped to the side; the man told the judge “Your using unbalanced scales. Repent. Stop taking bribes, stop protecting your family and judge righteously.” I then saw people in the room, who were from all over the world, many nations, praying for the lawmakers in their lands.
Another man told several judges “The Lord is getting ready to cleanse the land and courts of corruption. Your careers will rise or fall depending on whether you choose to serve the Lord. You can no longer compromise. This will not be allowed. Only those who choose the Lord will remain in place.”
I then saw a large room filled with judges; I realized that these were judges from across the nation at high levels. Holy Spirit opened His mouth and began to blow, hard, and to my amazement I saw over half the judges curl up like leaves, and blow away. Afterwards, new judges came into the room to take their place.
I asked the Lord when these things will take place, and He said “Soon, very soon.”

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