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The Picnic Tables: Prophetic Art

colored pencil drawing of picnic tables with people seated, with prophetic words over the tables

Last week, I had another dream, which the picture above (in pencil) illustrates.

In this dream, I was at the top of a large, grassy hill that led to a field below. Jesus took me by the hand, and we began running down, faster and faster. As we ran, He and I took the hand of someone else, they started running with us; then, those people took the hand of someone else, until literally thousands of us were linked, hand to hand and running.

We all came to a large field next to a flowing river with a sandy beach. And on the field and beach near the river was a group of picnic tables. The picnic tables were long – 16 feet by 16 feet in size, with large umbrellas over them. Each picnic table had a different sign on it. One had “Healing” written in script over it; another had “Salvation” over it, another had “Healing”; another had “Deliverance”, another had “Words of Knowledge”, another had “Worship”, another had “Administering Giving” with gifts and food, shelter for the poor, and other tables had other words. There were angels gathered around with pitchers filled with water and oil.

We each went to different tables, and began receiving what was noted above the table, whether prophecy, deliverance, healing, salvation (that was the table that I saw Jesus talking to people at a lot) or other tables. At times, angels would come and pour water or oil from a pitcher onto the people being prayed for. Afterwards, we then began to eat at the tables, and enjoying wonderful fellowship.

Suddenly, I heard a noise like a deep thunder. It got louder and louder, like a huge rumble, until I saw what was making the noise. It was the sound of feet walking towards us, thousands and thousands until the number couldn’t be counted. And they were all coming straight towards us!

As they came, the huge oncoming crowd parted, and different people went to different tables. Many visited “salvation” first, and the table expanded, with many of us sharing who Jesus was, and praying with them. Others visited the “Healing” table first, then came to the “Salvation” one; others went to the “Deliverance” table. In spite of the numbers, the tables grew in size to accommodate them all; as people were ministered to, they then joined those praying for others.

Afterwards, everyone joined the picnic; somehow, there was plenty of food for all. It was a joyous time, filled with love and laughter.
Later, the scene faded, and I asked Jesus what it meant. He shared that the first group of people running together to the tables represented the first part of the revival, when He was preparing those who would minister. The second, larger group (of hundreds of thousands) represented the main revival, when many would come to salvation, and experience the outpouring of gifts within the church to draw them to the Lord.

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