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Pray for Israel: Prophetic

photo of Jerusalem by Toa Heflibra Sinca
photo credit: Pexels, Toa Hefliba Sinca

I have had a lot of dreams about Israel. The main import of them has been to pray for Israel. This is one of the dreams. Please be aware that dreams are symbolic, and may not depict physical reality.

In this dream, Jesus took my hand, and I started running with Him, going super fast. We ended up at a cave that looked like it was inside a mountain. The cave was set way up high on the side of a mountain that was rocky and arid, with scrub and trees. I went to the opening of the cave and looked out; it had a huge vista, I could see really far, and appeared to be somewhere in the Middle East.

There was a scroll, it was blue on the outside, a beautiful rich color that was put it on a table in front of Jesus and I and unrolled it. He said, “Let’s talk about the future of the Jewish people. The Lord wants you to know what is to come.” When he unrolled it, a wind blew in and brought with it the smell of current day Jerusalem. The scroll looked like a map of the Middle East, with Israel in the center. Then Jesus took my fingers and put them on the scroll, and when my finger was on it, I could see in a vision what was written on the scroll.

One was a wolf covered with sheep’s clothing and with him was a false shepherd, and he was telling Israel, “See how well I shepherded the other sheep – I can do the same for you – let me be your shepherd” And the false wolf/sheep was bleating when the false shepherd was talking to make the shepherd seem credible, but every bleat was a lie, with bleats such as, “See the grass is greener and the water is fresher ever since we joined his flock, and we’re eating our fill”. I wanted to cover my ears and say, “Don’t listen to it – can’t you tell this sheep is evil?” (The bleats were annoying).

Behind the shepherd were other sheep bleating and following the shepherd, but they were all wolves, saying, “Yes, let him shepherd you” – and Israel looked confused and as if she didn’t know what to think and if she could trust the shepherd. She wasn’t sure. The Lord was saying, “Who will tell her (Israel) the truth?”There was another scene in the scroll. It was the streets of Israel – they were dark, with people weeping everywhere. Then in the middle of the street, there were two men talking – they were telling the truth, they were answering the call to tell Israel the truth, they were telling Israel what to do in her darkest hour.

Then I saw there were people praying for those truth speakers, and part of my call is to pray for them, starting now, even though they aren’t there yet.

Another scene was of Israel was sitting in the middle of a bunch of people and there was babble and confusion. She was turning here and there, not knowing who to listen too. She’s going to receive advice from different peoples and nations – and her question is: who to listen to? She was in bewilderment and confusion. And a man stood up – he looked like he was from an Arab nation. I could see that he had a sword hidden in his cloak but he held out an olive branch towards Israel. He smiled and was friendly but had no good intentions towards her. Israel is going to be desperate for friends at this time, and it will be difficult for her to know her true friends from her enemies. She will be vulnerable to those who come with a clear message and a strong voice.

Then, I saw a wild beast coming against Israel. He was furious with her and wanted to tear her up and destroy her completely. He was filled with malice against her. She began running from him. She began hiding, and we saw people giving her cover in different places, God hand covering and protecting her and hiding her. The Holy Spirit showed her directly where to go to hide. He took Israel by the hand and showed her where to hide. When she did, He covered her and for a season, and she was safe. She was listening to the Holy Spirit. Finally, the beast said, “If you don’t come out and fight, then I’ll gather all my people to hunt you down.” That’s when his army gathered.

Holy Spirit said that God is pouring his prophetic anointing now because He wants His prophets to speak clearly in the last days when there will be confusion and deception (not just persecution and distress).

I then heard, “Who loves Israel and who will pray for her?” I saw the globe and points of light as believers prayed – then Israel’s countenance cleared and her confusion cleared.

I went to the entrance of the cave, and heard a mighty wind when I went to the entrance. Then the vision opened. I saw Israel looking like a woman, like a beleaguered, abused woman; surrounded by evil men who were mocking her. The antichrist was one, also the leaders of other nations. They were trying to rape her and snatch her cloak (it was a rich cloak – representing her lands and identity, the bride gift from her bridegroom and father at the time of the betrothal and marriage contract) and coverings away. She was crying out “Where is my bridegroom? Where is my bridegroom?” was her anguished cry for her bridegroom. God put His hand out, and covered her, He took her away from her abusers and protected her.

He took oil, and He rubbed her wounds, and He looked like Jesus then, He was so gentle. He whispered to Israel, “I’m here, I’m here, it’s me.” (It was like she wasn’t sure who He was at first, until He told her). “Don’t you know I have always loved you?” He was healing her. The woman thanked Him, and said “Are you my bridegroom?” And He said “Yes”. He said, “The others who came before were liars and deceivers, but I am your bridegroom and I love you.” She was weeping tears of joy and gratitude.Then she was beautiful; her face lit up when she looked at Jesus’s face. He held out His hand, and she took it, and she stood up. Jesus looked so happy. Then we were back in the cave. Jesus said, “This is what I want for her (Israel)- to know my love for her”. Then the dream ended.

Israel needs our prayers as never before – that her people and leaders will have wisdom and discernment; that God will raise up evangelists to help her know Yeshua, the bridegroom who loves her tenderly.

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