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In God’s Kitchen & His Glory: Dream

photo of making bread; photo credit Klaus Nielsen
Photo credit: Pexels, Klaus Nielsen

I had this dream on 9/16/20. My prayer is that it will bless you. In this dream, Jesus took me to a big kitchen, where He was making food. He even had an apron on, with picture of heavenly Jerusalem on it. He was really happy, and He seemed to like cooking. Holy Spirit was there, and added some spices, and He said “we like cooking together.” Holy Spirit had a big recipe book, with the Father’s recipes in it. The recipes actually represented strategies for overcoming difficult situations, trials, etc.

I then discovered that we were in the Father’s kitchen. Jesus and Holy Spirit were singing and humming as they cooked. They made the most wonderful dishes, and asked me to taste them, and asked what I thought. Then, they asked me if I wanted to cook, too. They gave me a simple recipe to try – one for fellowship – and I asked for help finding the ingredients. Holy Spirit helped me to find them, where they were in the pantry (which was huge). I got out the oil (it was labeled unity), the flour (labeled communion), the baking soda (labled joy), and mixed them together and put the batter into the oven (the oven’s heat represented trials people go through), and then a delicious smelling flat bread came out. We all had a piece, and all agreed that it was delicious. Jesus and Holy Spirit smiled, and said, “You can cook!” and we all laughed together.

I also made desserts with them; stews; and several different types of dishes. The stove was a gas stove, and Jesus warned me not to let the flame get too low, or the dishes would never cook. I was told that the flame represented the Father’s love. When I was cooking, Jesus and Holy Spirit were standing behind me, helping me to stir; they placed their hands over mine. I even made candy; the sugar in it was the sweetness of obeying God.

When I was done cooking, I put all the things we had been cooking on a beautiful platter, and then went out into a dining area. There were people seated at tables and I began serving them. There were angel waiters there, too; they were filling glasses with water from silver pitchers on the tables. The angels were also taking orders, and then would point and nod to me, and I would bring the appropriate dish to the table. This went on for awhile; Jesus and Holy Spirit kept cooking in the kitchen, and I kept going in to fill platters and served the dishes to the different tables.
Afterwards, the people went outside to dance and celebrate. I stayed inside, but I could hear how happy they were. Inside, Jesus gave me an apron, He said that cooking can get messy, and that the apron is to protect me from the drips and smears (I realized he was referring to “relational messes” that can occur). He said that even with all these other things, without the flame you can’t cook; it represents the Father’s love.

God’s Glory
Then, the dream changed to another scene. I was at a shore by water, where it was bright and shining, so that I had to shield my eyes. My friend was there, too, and we were looking for sea shells. The sun got brighter and brighter and brighter until we couldn’t see any more. We knew God was approaching, and we both lay down, face down, as He came closer and closer, and His glory filled the area. I was in awe, so much awe that I couldn’t think, and couldn’t even stand.

I sensed Him standing near us, and I felt emotionally naked, and knew that He knew all that was in my heart. His glory kept increasing, until I thought I would die. I thought, “Is it my time now? Am I going to die?” and then the glory receded just a hair. God spoke, not with words, but in my mind. He said “Never forget that I am holy, and I am also mercy and love. Never forget who I am; there is no other God beside me.”

I couldn’t see Him, just the edges of His feet, but He was very near. He wrote on the sand with a finger, and the sand became a tablet with what He wrote: it said to love the Lord thy God all of thy days; and do not let these words (scripture) depart from thy mouth”. He let my friend and I know that He knows us, loves us, and wants us to remember what is most important, always. I was shaking and trembling; my friend was, too. He put His hands on our heads, and then He receded (left) slowly. When He left, and we could finally stand up, it took a while to be able to.

Then, we saw that the sand was covered with sparkling jewels. My friend and I gathered some and put them in our pouches. We saw some beautiful coiled shells, which we knew represented God knowing the secrets of our hearts, and we put them in our pouches, too. Jesus showed up, He was smiling, and walked with us, and as we walked, we talked about what had just happened. We were almost speechless from it, my friend and I kept saying “Wow”. Jesus said “I made this possible for you”, and we thanked Him. It was amazing, and overwhelming and joyful all at once, and I felt deep gratitude to Jesus for making this encounter possible. `

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