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Eagle Wind: dream

photo of a bald eagle flying by Yeshuas Child Art
photo credit Yeshuas Child Art

In this post, I will share two different dreams that I had one two different nights. The first one is very encouraging; the second one seems to have a warning. I pray that they will bless you.

Eagle Wind (10/1/21)

In this dream, I saw a huge bald eagle standing to the side of our nation. He was flapping his wings very slowly. As he flapped his wings, I could hear the “flap, flap, flap” sound as wind was being generated from this action. Then, across the nation, I saw embers that were barely still alive. As the eagle flapped his wings, the embers started glowing brighter and brighter, until finally some of them burst into flame.

All over the country, I saw embers burst into flame, until it looked as if the whole country was ablaze. As the eagle was flapping his wings, he was crying out the words to 2 Samuel 22 (which is also Psalm 18, but for some reason, I heard the reference as being 2 Samuel). This is a song of David in which he looks to God to be His deliverer, and God’s response.

As I prayed about the dream, and what it meant, I realized that the eagle flapping his wings represent the promises of God that are being carried across our nation, as people pray and declare blessings in faith. As these promises are declared and prayed, the embers of faith are being kindled higher and higher, until revival has started: at first, here and there, but very soon, across the nation.

Running Horses (9/17/21)

In this dream, I was on the back of a wild horse, in the midst of a herd of mustangs; the horses were running really fast. There was a predator behind them: it looked like a sabre- toothed tiger type (it was a really big cat); and the horses were running for their lives. They were panicked; I saw they were running towards danger, it looked like a cliff. In the dream, I guided my horse, to try to herd/guide the horses away from the danger to a safe place.
In their mad, panicked rush, the horses had been running towards the cliff, and the tiger actually wanted them to go over the cliff; and then I somehow saw that there was a group of tigers at the bottom of the cliff. I could hear them growling. It was actually a shallow drop over the cliff; the real harm came from the other tigers waiting below, which were huge.

I tried to head the horses away from the tigers and the cliff; I wasn’t panicked myself because Holy Spirit was helping me. I tried to turn the horses, and head them away. I was able to turn some, but not all of the horses. I felt really sad when a horse jumped over and got torn up. The horses could see the tiger behind them, but not the ones below; they thought they were running to safety when they went to the drop-off and jumped.

I tried to head off as many of the panicking horses as I could, and I was praying the whole time, asking Jesus to help. He was there with me, trying to turn the horses away. The tiger came up to us, the big one chasing the horses. The tiger could speak in a growly voice and said “I’m going to tear you to pieces”; and he started leaping at me. I cried out to Jesus, and then I had my sword and my weapons in my hands, and there were angels next to me. Jesus and I were fighting the tiger together (He put his hand over mine), and it left.

I then went to the cliff, looked down, and saw the tigers below eating their prey. I felt sad at this sight, and said to Jesus “I wish we could have saved them all.” He looked sad, too. Then I turned, and we followed the horses that turned away; they were eating peacefully in a meadow and were safe. I felt really happy to see them there.

In the dream, I sensed that the meadow represented God’s safety and protection. There were angels guarding the meadow all around. I began singing, and praising God, and the horses did a beautiful dance around the meadow; it was beautiful. I was really amazed, the scene had changed to such joy and celebration from the previous one of panic and fear.

Jesus explained to me about the scene in the dream. The horses were in a herd or pack mentality going on; they thought they were going to safety when they were actually rushing to destruction, because they were listening to the tiger’s roars, instead of looking at Jesus. Jesus was there the whole time, on a horse, saying to them “Turn, turn”. Some were hard to turn at first, because they were rushing so quickly, that when we tried to turn them, they went around us. But when they saw I wasn’t afraid of the tiger, and heard the message to turn away from the headlong rush, they could calm down. Holy Spirit was also calling out to the horses in the dream, saying , “Don’t listen to the tiger’s voice, he has no power; listen to Jesus, He’s the one who can rescue,” and giving direction to each horse; if they paused to listen, they would turn away from the cliff.

I learned that the horses represented Christian ministries; the tiger represents some kind of government edict designed to destroy these ministries. The cliff represented taking on government protection, and registering a ministry with them so it could continue to have NPO status or other benefits; but this will end up destroying ministries. This will be due to some kind of legislation; Christian ministries will not be allowed to operate openly unless they sign them. The ministries that do, will end up being destroyed by the government. At first, this will be so deceptively done, it will appear as if there is no danger in doing so; it will look as if the legislation will allow the ministries to remain as they were before. The horses also represent the leadership of the ministries who make these decisions. They are going to be panicked by what is coming. The ministries will be talking to each other, encouraging each other to do this, saying “Hey, this is a good idea”.

Afterwards, there was a beautiful stream in the meadow where the horses were; we saw angels go to the stream with pitchers and get water for the horses, and they put it in a trough. Some of the horses went directly to the stream, while others went to the trough. I then realized that this difference had something to do with the ability to hear God clearly. Foals were playing in the field; and it was a wonderful scene. There were fruit trees there, too. Jesus went to the trees, and began picking fruit, then He began feeding the horses.

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