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Prophetic Clock: dream

photo of Big Ben by Daniel Bendig
photo credit: Pexels, Daniel Bendig

This was a dream I had in fall of 2020.

In this dream, I saw a huge clock. It was enormous, like Big Ben. I saw the hands, and it was pointed at ten until midnight; very close to midnight. Midnight signified the start of a new era in God’s kingdom; the end of this one. I saw we are very close to this. Each minute signifies a period of time. At midnight, the trumpets will sound; the angels will begin pouring out their bowls on the earth. God was showing that we are very, very close to this time.

Then, I jumped down from the clock tower. My friend was there, and we had a sword and a trumpet. Our feet were shod for war. We were walking the street, proclaiming that the time of God’s change and judgment is close; and that the time is short until Jesus returns. We were also sounding the trumpets; it was a call to battle for the souls of men.

 Some people on the street began weeping and repenting, asking Jesus to help them; He was there and ministered to them; other people on the street threw rotten vegetables at us, and called us names. We weren’t the only ones; there were others proclaiming the gospel and sounding trumpets. We used our swords to whack at chains tying down the souls of men, so that they could get free. Some of the people had a helmet with a visor over their heads that prevented their seeing; we also whacked those off, split the helmets off of their heads (the helmets were metal; they clanged when we split them with the sword). The street was filled with about forty prophets walking around doing this. It was a big city and a large center of commerce. It had beautiful city streets and buildings. People from all nations had flocked there. They seemed really surprised at what we were doing; but when saw us all sharing the gospel and whacking chains off, some came and asked us to help them. We kept walking down the street, sharing; and met people from all kinds of nations as we did this. We saw mothers bringing their children for prayer; or help getting chains off. The children looked funny; some of them looked demon possessed, or as if they were demon sick, or sin sick; the children looked worse than their parents. But the children recovered quickly with prayer. We were on one street, where we spent all day just praying for people, who kept coming. Jesus was there; He went among all of us as we prayed for people. We were handing scriptures or Bibles to the people, too, as they got healed; and would give a Bible tract with scriptures relevant for that person. If a person was addicted, there were scriptures to help them; if they had marriage, there was a tract with scriptures for that; and tracts with scriptures to address those with financial difficulties. These tracts were part of the aftercare, after the healing.

We walked down the street, where there was a huge hospital, and that’s when the fun began. The forty of us were praying for people, and they were getting up, healed. The doctors and nurses were amazed, surprised; we cleared the hospital out of even the sickest patients. The doctors and nurses asked “What will we do with no patients to take care of?” and we gave them scripture tracts and said “Preventive care and inoculations,” And a lot of them did just that. We taught them how to do healing prayer. There was such joy as we did this; we were leaping and praising God for His goodness. Jesus was with us. We even went to the mortuary, and pulled out drawer after drawer, and raised the dead.

Then, we went downtown where there was a soup kitchen, and prayed and saw people healed of addictions, mental illness, and those with family problems we told to pray for their families, or bring them there for healing. They were all getting healed and set free. We weren’t rushed or hasty, or anxious; but there was urgency; a sense that the time for repentance was short. We were seeing the miracles that people have always wanted to see in the church, unleashed and changing the city. It was God, completely, doing these things. And there was an amazing, loving community of believers that grew up because of this, made up of those who had been healed and delivered. Some of the former homeless were fellowshipping with business leaders, in love; the love of God was being poured out, too. People were acting in a manner similar to what is described in Acts, sharing with each other, and there was real fellowship and transparency. People kept saying “This is what I have been looking for my whole life”.

We ate community meals together downtown in a big community center that was converted into a church that had services 24/7. The staff rotated, because it was the only way to meet all the requests for prayer, for teaching; and for discipleship. Home churches became huge. Teams of teens and adults went out on the streets to pray for people, and would bring 100 new converts to the home meeting.

Children were evangelizing in their schools, praying for their classmates, and they got saved, went home and prayed for their parents, and then the whole family turned up at church, saying “the prayers worked, we want to know God”. Whole schools changed; and non-Christians were coming to church with testimonies of God’s goodness. The main problem the church had was how to find space for everyone. Bars and porn stores closed as the owners met God. Alcohol sales went down; weed sales went down. The spiritual atmosphere of the whole city changed.

We could all see the clock in the background, as the hands moved closer to midnight, and our sense of urgency intensified. As the minute hand moved each segment; we had a sense of the clock in us, a sense of the season and time. When the hand went to 54 minutes (6 minutes before midnight), something happened. People started coming into the city who wanted to set up social services and legislation to care for people; they wanted to stop the spontaneous activity and administrate it. They acted as if they cared about the city and the people; they came carrying books under their arms, with wonderful plans for “making things better”, great “wisdom and understanding” but it was meant to shut things down. We discerned this (the 40 of us) and warned the city not to listen to them. These people had gone to other cities, and done great harm in them, and gained control. (They represented the government’s  attempt to take over the church and the good works being done). They used monetary incentives for the poor, as well as other legislation.

They came in saying “this is a good thing; let’s make it better”, was their theme. They were so seductive and insidious and persuasive that a lot of people were listening to them. They said “Yes, that’s great what you are doing; what if we did it this way? Or “let’s add this to it”. They offered funding to the churches to help them “do good works” in the city. There were humanistic offers of help. Some were also people who were trying to incite the poor and minorities to rebel against the government, in order to label the new revival as an “anarchist” or anti-government movement. There were several streams of attack; and there were lawyers with degrees coming in to work against the move that God was doing. Some said they were coming to study it, but ended up asking questions designed to destroy faith in the people they talked with.

The forty of us prayed that God would open up the eyes of the people, since many were listening; while others were not. It caused a division in the movement, with some following the new people who had come in, and others maintaining the original movement.

Eventually, it got more and more difficult to hold meetings and do healings openly. There was a lot of chaos, confusion and division in the original community, with people unsure of what to do. The 40 of us prayed for the church and the people in the city; but then God told us it was time to go to new cities. We eventually left, but continued to pray for the city and the community.

Afterwards, in my dream, I asked Jesus about what it all meant. He explained that during the revival, the miraculous will become almost normal, and many will come to God. But following this, within a few years, the government  and those who oppose it will come in to try and implement laws and rules to stop the movement, and tempt people away. The government will try to create an official government church, and will use funding as the bait to get churches to go under their umbrella; churches will be tempted because the government money will look as though it could fund a lot of good and needed services. But it will be important for the churches to stay free of government funding and legislation, because of the laws that will follow.

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