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Dream about Israel

I had this dream on 9/19/20 and have been praying about it for the past year. There is a strong warning in it, which grieves me. I realize that the events portrayed may be symbolic, and that physical events may end up being quite different.

In this dream, I heard trumpets blowing in Jerusalem, several years in the future. It was Rosh Hashana and I was in a modern-day Jerusalem. The city looked fine; it didn’t look like it would after a battle or bombing. In fact, there was a feeling of celebration around the city.

Israeli flag photo by Cottonbro
Photo credit: Pexels, Cottonbro

Holy Spirit showed up, and He had a scroll in His hands; it had numbers on it; and it was all the years that Israel had experienced from the beginning, they were numbered. He pointed to one number, and I knew that was the year I was seeing. It will be a year of great change for Israel. On the edges of the celebration, I felt there was danger at the edges, as if the city was asleep, and unaware. He then showed me a vision of soldiers marching towards the city, in the distance.

I realized that these soldiers meant Israel ill. In front of, a distance before the soldiers, was a group of people dressed very nicely. They looked like a diplomatic corps of some kind, coming towards the city to greet the leadership there. I understood there would be a conference in a few days. They were actually going to meet in Jerusalem itself, to “honor” Israel, and show their intent for peace to her and to supposedly acknowledge her sovereignty and right to exist.

Holy Spirit pointed to the date again. It was soon after Rosh Hashana that year. Israel was going to meet with these diplomats. I actually saw the meeting in the dream. They were bringing olive branches (I could see this in the spirit), but I also saw that they were carrying daggers in their breasts. It wasn’t Netanyahu who was prime minister; someone else was [note: when I had this dream, Netanyahu was still PM in Israel]. But Netanyahu was present there (as an advisor?). My heart was heavy when I saw this.

I wanted to warn Israel in the vision. Holy Spirit held me back for a moment, He wanted me to see more first. There was a kind of agreement that the diplomats wanted Israel to sign with them; they wanted Israel to give them certain concessions in return for a lasting peace treaty. They wanted Israel to open her borders to a group of people [note: they told Israeli leadership that the Aliya wasn’t necessary any more]. The diplomats also said that they would pass legislation to stop the hate crimes against Jews in other countries. They were heavily encouraged to open their borders to other nations for immigration and to stop encouraging Jewish people to immigrate to Israel. The diplomatic leader over the other diplomats said, “ Without persecution, you won’t need this anymore. Your people will be accepted wherever they are, because I want to accept all people and types”.

The diplomats wanted Israel to stop those of her people speaking out against the new diversity laws (promoting acceptance of various sexual orientations and lifestyles and any of those speaking against them were conservative, traditional Jews), and to pass laws to stop them – even to the point of putting them in jail. I realized that this would open the country to persecution of Jews who are torah-compliant, due to the torah’s stance on these issues.
The diplomats also wanted Israel to open its weapons development program up to other countries, and do a scientific exchange. They offered to return some land to Israel that she had lost in past decades, as a pledge of their intent to honor this treaty. Also, the temple mount was to be given back to Israel.

Later, Muslim leaders came to the water pouring ceremony. They were polite, celebrating in the court of the gentiles. As I watched, I knew these people wanted to destroy Israel; but the Israeli leadership was listening to them, unaware of their real intent, and nodding as they spoke. One of the terms of this treaty was that Israel would stop its national service program, and instead only have career soldiers. In return, Israel was offered another “benefit”: the diplomats told her they promised to recognize her borders. There was even Palestinian leadership there, and they promised to recognize Israel’s borders, and to no longer bomb there. They also promised to share maps of secret tunnels they used. The Palestinian leaders even wept, saying they wanted peace; they said they would disband their own training camps for their own young people, if Israel would do the same.

It was so deceptive, and I felt ill watching it. Israeli leadership said they wanted three days to consider, then they would get together and talk again with the diplomats. This was a difficult decision because Israel had never been asked so much; but they had never been offered this much before either. There were some traditional Jewish leaders there, and their faces looked stricken. The liberals said “We have wanted this for so long. Our young people are ready to riot, because they are tired of war.”
Then, I saw prophets meeting privately with the leaders, and giving warnings that this treaty was not really for Israel’s true benefit, even though it looked good. They also warned the messianic and Christian churches in Israel, and asked them to pray. A warning was also given to the traditional Jewish leadership. They also warned the conservative Muslim sects that they would be persecuted if this treaty passed; they told them that the God of the Jews could protect them in this season, if they turn to Him. They told them “Never be afraid of seeking the truth, and doing what’s right”.

Israel’s leaders did sign the law, anyway, in spite of the warnings. They signed it before Yom Kippur; then on Yom Kippur, something grievous broke out in Israel- it was a spiritual sign. An earthquake shook Jerusalem and a meteor was seen across the skies that wasn’t predicted by astronomers; the meteor was bright enough to be seen in the daytime. It didn’t do any harm, but it astonished everyone; the meteor’s trajectory was right over Jerusalem.
People were running around predicting the end of the world when it suddenly appeared in the skies. The meteor made headlines in all the newspapers around the world. The earthquake shook things up, but very few people were harmed. It was big enough to shake things up, but it didn’t destroy buildings. Again, people were astonished at this.

Then, the meteor came down, and burst into flames, and Israeli oil fields caught on fire. But the nations that had signed the treaty offered Israel aid, and the fires were put out quickly. I saw that demonic had been released that contributed to the fire. And it was put out in a seemingly impossible timespan – it was contained completely within three days, and saved Israel millions upon millions of dollars, causing gratitude towards those who helped her put the fires out.

This was considered a “miracle”, and headlines lauded this new collaboration with Israel, and described what the loss to the Mideast economy would have been if treaty had not been signed. One of the headlines stated that some of the military stationed around Israel because of treaty were part of the armies camped around to “help”.

I then saw pictures of Israeli leaders smiling with the other men they signed the treaty with; at this point, they felt they had made the right choice. The Holy Spirit told me about this that it was a “Lying sign and wonder” that had drawn the attention of the world. Headlines in the media discussed those who proposed the treaty as part of Israel’s “economic salvation” and lauded her choice to sign the agreement. The quick putting out of the fire was supposed to be a ‘divine sign’ of “God’s blessing” on the treaty. Media pictures showed young men and women weeping with joy that didn’t have to go into the army, and so could have a life. Other pictures showed Israelis hugging Palestinian brothers and sisters and planting olive trees together. It was a huge media blitz, and the whole world rejoiced with them. For once, Israel was being put forth in a good light in global media. People were in the streets celebrating; old women were embracing each other, saying they would never need to bear the sorrow of burying their grandchildren.

God then showed me the nations coming against Israel; I saw Italy and the Mideast leadership, and Israeli leadership who were actually traitors to Israel come against Israel. Holy Spirit pointed to another date, three years later; and I saw the nations that signed the treaty with Israel turn into predators, as they started tearing at her. Israel looked torn from their claws, and was crying out to God for help when she realized she was betrayed. She was asking for help from any source; she realized her mistake, then. She looked like a woman, and it was terrible to see her crying; the cries held all the anguish, confusion, betrayal and hopelessness that her people felt within the cries. I then saw an angel who said “Enough”, he took Israel by the hand, and led her somewhere. Jesus came, and began putting oil on her wounds to heal them; and He began bandaging her, so tenderly. Israel started to get a look of dawning recognition on her face. He gave Israel relief from those persecuting, because He cared. Eventually, she will come back to Him completely, but not yet.
Israel recovered; and went on to sign another treaty, one that a world leader was over, that involved the temple. Holy Spirit then released prophets into the streets of Israel, to warn Israel about this leader, warning her to repent and to stop making treaties with foreign gods. The media totally blasted the prophets. The second treaty/contract was not led by those in the Mideast; it was between Mideastern nations, but led by a foreign leader (because Israel no longer trusted the Middle Eastern countries after her betrayal). The Vatican was also part of this contract and used its influence over nations.

The world leader posed as a friend of the Jews, with Jewish bloodlines, and posed as someone whose family had given tons of money over the decades for Israeli relief. I then saw this leader walk into the temple, and he stood there, gleefully gloating, saying “Now my time has come”. I was weeping when I saw this. Then Holy Spirit took me by the hand, and I saw prophets in the streets of Israel proclaiming the gospel. People were listening, and turning to Messiah by the thousands of thousands. These new believers were praying and weeping for Israel, they were interceding to God on her behalf. The underground church was very strong even though it was persecuted due to the diversity laws. Torah-observant Jews began coming to the LORD in droves. Revival was hitting Israel at the same time that this was going on, the prophets were speaking God’s word, and people were coming to the LORD by drives as they recognized their bridegroom.

In the dream, the angel Michael himself brought a torch to Israel, to light a new revival. People began recognizing Messiah. Then, the marching began. An army began gathering in the plains, huge and dark. Israel was to be “wiped out” by the army, so that the biblical prophecies couldn’t come true. But an army of believers also started gathering; waiting for Jesus to lead them.
The dream ended here; but I knew that Jesus would come, and win.

Please pray for Israel, and her leadership, for protection and that God would enable them to make wise decisions.

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