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The Battle and the Glory: Dream

I had this dream on 12/23/21.

angel blowing a trumpet photo from pexels
Photo credit: Pexels – Pixabay

In this dream, I was with Jesus, and two large angels showed up. Jesus said, “We’re going to go with them; I want to show you something.” I took His hand, and we were on a high mountain top. From there, I could look below, and see all the nations of the earth.

As I looked, I saw a massive army gathering; it was being called together. Jesus then said, “The war is beginning.” As soon as He said this, the two angels put their mouths to what looked like silver shofars, and blew. As soon as they blew on the shofars, God’s people began gathering together, from throughout the world. As they gathered, they were all praying and worshipping.

I saw Jesus go into the midst of His army, encouraging everyone. Holy Spirit was there with Him. There were also angels anointing people with horns of oil, and miracles were breaking out all over: healing, deliverance, freedom and courage and authority for the coming battle. As they were anointed, the people in God’s army began literally roaring with authority and the knowledge of God’s goodness and love.

Then, the battle began. There was tremendous fighting, and it was a heated battle. As it went on, I understood that I was seeing the battle for men’s minds. The people who were fighting God’s army had what looked like a huge television screen, and it was broadcasting messages meant to discourage those in God’s army, and get them to give up – it seemed to represent the media attempt to control what men believe.

I then saw what looked like huge towers or citadels on wheels, which were like moving fortresses about 21 feet high. They were sending out fire and cannon shots into God’s army. One was labeled “public opinion” and another was labeled “legislation”. Then, I saw the largest citadel of all, behind all of the others, in the rear. I knew it really represented fear, but was called “control”. There were black clouds emanating from this one, with blinding, choking, oily smoke. The moving citadels were terrible; they even crushed the people on satan’s side under their wheels, if people got in the way. Some of the people in the front line of satan’s army looked very young, like teenagers; but there were soldiers of all ages in this army as well. They came from all countries all over the world.

As the fireballs, smoke, bullets and other weapons were lobbed at God’s army, the people prayed. As they did, I saw angels literally block cannon balls, bullets, fireballs and other weapons. As I watched, Holy Spirit said “This is happening now, this is not the future but what is happening now.” I then asked, “Lord, what can I do to help?” Holy Spirit then said, “Pray for those in the battle who are being attacked on both sides, especially for the youngest ones.” I then asked “What should I pray?” and He said “Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” as you pray to the Father.

Jesus then turned to me, and said, “I want to show you the outcome, to encourage people.” I was glad He said “encourage” because the huge citadels looked unstoppable as they were moving forward. He then said “Pray for those in the media, and for the legislators, to know me and to do my will on earth as it is in heaven.” I then saw what looked like a huge, shining, shimmering cloud that was filled with glory descend on God’s army. It was thick and golden, and as it descended, God’s army advanced forward, and the citadels on wheels literally stopped – they couldn’t move – nothing could touch the glory as it moved forward, and it completely stopped satan’s weapons.

People were so covered with this glory cloud that they shimmered with it. They went right up to satan’s army, and began witnessing to them of God’s goodness. Then the miracles began. As the soldiers in satan’s army tried to shoot those covered with glory, the bullets fell to the ground, and the witnesses to God’s goodness were unharmed. The soldiers who tried to shoot and saw this dropped their weapons, and came over to God’s side. There was a huge outbreak of “enemy soldiers” coming to the Lord, due to the fearless witness of those who came out of the glory cloud, and also as a result of seeing the healings, deliverances and other miracles that occurred. Satan’s army was being gutted, with people from all levels in it turning to God. Then, the dream ended.

7 responses to “The Battle and the Glory: Dream”

  1. THANK YOU JESUS!!!!! About 630am here I was ruminating on the incredible warfare against us and how it is like a huge octopus with it’s tentacles intertwined through everything of this matrix we call the world…I looked at my pathetic writings..and I said Lord–How can we defeat this!? I even asked Him if He could….not seeing how He could without everyone on earth being killed. Like how do you pull tares out and not harm the wheat? Then I saw you liked my post…and came to your site for the first time. And scrolled down the categories and chose dreams and read this one. O MY GOD!!!! Am now in intense laughter and weeping!! God is so good!!!! YES YES YES!

  2. I wrote this 3 days after your dream above– “Behold I give this woman of my heart the keys to the kingdom and she shall open the prison doors and set the captives free…just watch!! Just watch!! Many shall be riveted to their screens as she does the things I have put in her path to do. Brand new days are here…a thick anointing a heavy garment of golden glory shall come to rest upon my people.”

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