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Blessing and Judgment: Prophetic Dream

This is a dream that I had on 11-8-2021 

I saw a city, a large urban center in the United States, and as I watched, I saw first hundreds, then thousands of people healed as miracles were occurring. People were flocking to this city for healing, because revival had broken out. As people were healed, many were anointed for healing and miracles, and were taking this anointing to their home cities. There were thousands being saved as well. At one point, it seemed as if the whole city was turning out for the revival meetings.

As I watched, I saw there were two sets of angels over the city. One set had golden pitchers that were filled with a honey-colored oil, and they were pouring it over the city. As they did, miracles and healings and salvations were occurring. The second group of angels had pitchers filled with a hot, lava-looking liquid, and as they poured, I realized that judgment for sin was occurring. It seemed that both were happening simultaneously over the city.

Then, the scene changed, and I saw revival occurring all over Israel, with thousands coming to the LORD in meetings.

I then saw the earth, and an angel with a huge bowl, pouring out what looked like liquid gold over the earth. As I watched, I understood that this was a pouring out of the revelation of the knowledge of God’s goodness over the earth.

The scene changed again, and I saw the United States. I saw that there was civil war in the U.S., but at the same time, great revival was breaking out. The media was proclaiming that the war would destroy the nation, but I realized as I watched that it will actually save the nation. I saw that there was a distinct separation that occurred between those who follow God, and those that don’t; and that good will result with salvations and healings and revival, and blessings on those who follow the LORD during this time.

I then came out of the river, and the scenes ended.

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