Revival and a Tunnel

I had this dream several months ago. In this dream,  I was in a cave or tunnel with a river rushing through it. The walls of the tunnel were made of rock. It was a huge river rushing through the tunnel. I was walking along the ledge, up the tunnel. As I went upwards, I came to the entrance. It was like a huge waterfall rushing down into the tunnel opening; then I could see that it also left the tunnel further down. I sat with Jesus, and asked Him what it meant.

He explained to me that the river represented the movement of God in men’s lives; the move of the Holy Spirit. The tunnel represented something about the way we interact with this move of the Holy Spirit. Jesus told me to keep watching.

I then saw people in the river, being carried by the current. When the people in the river saw the tunnel coming up ahead, some of them got scared, and wanted to jump out. Some even got out and left before the river entered the cave-like opening for the tunnel they didn’t realize the river would come out on the other side, into the open air again. The open air represented the sense of an open heaven and God’s abundant goodness. The tunnel represented the time of persecution the church will go through, when  some will become frightened, because it will seem as if they can’t see the sky above, or sense the “open heaven” previously of blessing and protection, etc.

From where I was sitting, I could see the river and that it eventually came out of the cave-like tunnel again. I could also see that the river was just as powerful inside the cave as outside. Jesus said that the work of the Holy Spirit will continue just as strongly during the persecution; but that many will fear and begin to doubt (this was symbolized by people leaving the river before going through the cave, when they saw it looming up). Jesus said people will not be able to stay in the river without going through the cave-like tunnel. I asked Him, “Why LORD? Why must there be a tunnel; why must there be a persecution?” He responded by teaching about faith; and how no man is greater than his master; saying, “If they persecuted me they will persecute you ”. 1 Peter 1:6,7 was another scripture He gave; that the proving of faith is more precious than gold. I then  asked “What will happen to the people who leave the river? Can they get back in again?” I was at a point above, watching all of this. He said “Some will and some will not.”

He told me some things that would be helpful to people during this time. One was to prepare them for the cave-like opening and the tunnel, to let them know it was coming, and that it wouldn’t last forever. He said to let them know that the river was the same inside the cave as outside. He said to let them know that all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit would be in operation, the miracles, healings, words of knowledge inside the tunnel as well as outside. He said that the river coming in such great strength was in part to equip the church to endure the persecution that would be coming. He also said to remember that God’s goodness cannot fail, even when persecution occurs. I asked “When and how should I share these things?” He said “within six months of the revival starting”. 

Jesus gave me some photographs of the people coming out of the river on the other side, they were happy, and cheering. He told me to give these photographs to the individuals, and to “remind them of the joy that is set before them, even in the land of the living.” He said to remind them of the hope that would come after the persecution ends. He said that inside the cave, it will look and feel as if the persecution will last forever, but it won’t; there will be even greater joy at the end.

Jesus then took me to the other side of the cave, where people were coming out; and the joy on their faces was amazing. He even asked one person, “It was worth it, wasn’t it?” The person said “Yes!” They had the joy before this though, even while they were in the cave. The people coming out had joy while in the cave, too.

I then saw that the source of the river was the throne of God; and Jesus told me to remind people that the source of the river is always God; it has nothing to do with “drumming it up”. He said that the initial wave of persecution is going to come with a spirit of condemnation and accusation, with the enemy saying “this is happening because you didn’t pray enough; this persecution is the result of your failure” (to get enough Christian people into government office, etc.).He said to remind the people that the source of the river is God , and  the river was taking them through the cave, not the enemy. He told us that this coordination of the attack of this spirit of condemnation with persecution will be one of the causes of people leaving the river. He said people will confuse feelings of joy, blessing, prosperity with a “right walk with God” and doing things “His way”; without understanding that at times, our life in God will lead us through trials in this lifetime. He told us that some will experience very difficult trials and loss, such as loved ones going to prison, and believe it was due to lack of prayer, and they will want to leave the river or feel condemned. They will need to be reminded them that this is not true. The leadership of the church will be attacked first and hardest with this. That is why they will need to hear this message.

I asked if there was anything that would be helpful or a good strategy to help the leaders and church through this. He said “Tell them to store my word in their hearts.”

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