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Prophetic Dream: Question about War

e War?
I had this dream twelve days ago (on 3/4/22).
In the dream, I was concerned about the events in Ukraine and Russia, and in my dream I asked Jesus, “Will we be going into World War 3?” He reminded me that God the Father is in charge of history, and has good plans for us. But I really wanted to know; He smiled and said, “Come with me and I will show you something.”
We were together on a large mountain top looking down on the nations of the earth below. In my dream, I saw armies gathering for war; it all looked ominous and I felt sad as more and more gathered. Many were on horseback; others were on foot – it looked like an old-fashioned army, but I believe this was symbolic. As the armies finished gathering, I saw a huge earthquake that shook the armies. The soldiers on horseback fell off to the ground, and the foot soldiers fell onto their faces.
I heard a loud voice say “The LORD’s judgments are righteous, and wise, and for the good of all men.”
I then saw the earth – it looked dry and barren after the shaking. But as I watched, I saw green blades come up everywhere; it was like watching time lapse photography as the green growth got taller and taller, until it looked like wheat, ripe for the harvest.
I then saw an angel blow on a silver trumpet. At the sound, angels holding sickles were released, and they began harvesting the wheat. They had huge sacks on their backs, and as they cut the wheat, they put it into the sacks, until the wheat was harvested. Then, the dream ended.
I am still praying about what this all means. It does look like war; but also as if God will intervene or do something as well, even a type of judgment; I am still not sure what the earthquake represents (it could be a real earthquake, or be a symbol of an event that shakes things up). I am sure that the green growth represents revival; and it was over all the nations of the earth, including Russia and Ukraine, and the angels reaping represent a huge harvest of people coming to know Jesus.
I do feel a peace after this dream. God is control of world events; what He does is for our best, and the revival will come, and bring many into His kingdom. I am reminding myself to focus on God’s goodness, while praying for Russia, Ukraine and other countries, and to remember that His Kingdom will last forever.

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