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Persecution and Protection: Prophetic Dream

Over the past year and a half, I have had numerous dreams about coming revival, and coming persecution. This dream is in the “persecution” category, but with a lot of hope. I had this dream a year ago.

In this dream, my friend and I were in a church, and the members of the church were singing praise and worship songs. We were singing with them. Suddenly, the police burst in on us; and everyone scattered except my friend and I. We went over, greeted the officers, and said “How can we help you?” The officers said “Don’t you know that what you’re doing is illegal?” My friend and I were both silently praying, asking for wisdom. We had stayed behind to distract and protect the others who left.

Suddenly, we were giving the officers words of knowledge specific to them. These words were very precise and accurate regarding their hearts, their families, their dreams, their hopes and struggles. We said “The God who told us this about you loves you; don’t you want to experience what His love is like?” The officers looked freaked out; they asked “Who on earth are you?” We said “Worshippers of the God who created you, and who knows these things about you.” We told one officer “God can heal your son”; and another, “God can heal your relationship with your wife, if you will let Him”. To a third, we said “God can give you wisdom for the decisions you have to make next week.” Two of the officers prayed with us (we had asked if we could pray with them). The third officer backed away and was silent, but he didn’t stop our praying with the other officers. Afterwards, my friend and I just walked out of the room.

When we left the room, we were with Holy Spirit again, and He said, “These will be your weapons, not the best hiding places or physical weapons.” He said “I want my people armed and dangerous for the kingdom; armed with love for those who persecute them. This is the greatest weapon of all; to simply love others.” He held out a pistol to us; it was engraved with scriptures about loving others, when you shot it, oil came out, and He asked, “Will you let me arm you with this?” We said “Yes”. He said, “Then first, give me your other weapons. This won’t work if you use other weapons with it. You can’t mix them.” We said “We want to, help us.” I reached inside my heart, and brought out things like defensiveness; quickness to judge others; hiding behind a sanctimonious front to avoid criticism; self righteousness; and at times manipulating others. My friend and I had quite a pile of our “fleshly weapons” by the time we were finished.

We looked at our piles and said “Help!” and said “Lord, please help me to give these up; I’ll feel defenseless without them”. Holy Spirit looked so compassionately at us both, and said “You won’t know how effective this new weapon can be until you’ve tried it.” Holy Spirit gave examples from Scripture (Nabal’s wife Abigail fed David’s soldiers, and turned away wrath; and in Proverbs where it says a soft answer turns away wrath, etc.) So, I agreed to give up my old “protective weapons” and try the new ones. Then, the dream ended.

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