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Revival is Sure: Prophetic Dream

I had this dream on 3/22/22

In this dream, I was beside a stream with Jesus. I had told Him that I was still a bit afraid regarding world events, with the war between Russia and Ukraine, and some of the discouraging events on the news.

He looked at me, and said, “Why do you listen to the media for what is going on?” He then asked me a question: “Near the end of World War II, did the Nazis proclaim on the media that they were losing?” I said “No.” He then said, “Why would satan proclaim that he is losing in the media?” I had never thought of it this way before. He then said, “Look to heaven’s perspective for the truth about things, and what is going on.”

 Jesus had a scroll which He gave to me, and said, “I want you to look at this.” As I sat, and opened it up, and read it, I realized that it had prophecies about what will be happening in the U.S. and the world.

I saw scenes of unrest. But I also saw the nation turning green, as if grass were growing up all over it, just like in my dream previously (I have had several dreams in which the coming revival is shown as green grass or plants growing). I also saw lights being lit, all over the nation, and the world: the fires were growing and growing, until there was a huge blaze. I heard the LORD say “This will come; this is sure.” As I watched, I realized that within the next ten years, the U.S. will experience a huge revival, and by the time is has gone on for several years, the U.S. will be almost unrecognizable.

I also saw the United States divide, not over political parties, but over righteousness and unrighteousness. There was a huge division between those who embraced the revival and the changes towards godliness occurring, and those who were frightened by it. I then saw that the revival – and the changes it would bring – brought the demonic out of hiding, and those who opposed God were open about it. States divided, and I saw that there were “sanctuary states” where Christians were protected, and others that passed anti-Christian legislation.  It seemed as if people flocked to one or the other; but Christians were still trying to witness to those in the “anti-Christian” legislation states.

I saw there was more on the scroll, but it was less clear, and the dream ended before I could look closely at those events. As I was waking up, I did hear Jesus say, “Tell people what I am showing you.”

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