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Water in the Desert: Dream

At times, I have dreams that I can’t explain; some of which appear to have both warnings and hope embedded in them. I had this dream a year ago (in 2021).

photo of water in hot sun
Photo credit: pixabay

In this dream, my friend and I were in another country. We were in a desert, and somehow I knew that this was a future time. People were dying of the heat and thirst. The sun was beating down, and all around us were the moans and cries of people who were dying of thirst. Their skin was breaking out in sunburn and boils from the heat. There were scorpions, vultures, coyotes, and lions surrounding them that looked demonic in nature. Some of these creatures were stinging the people, or trying to tear at them; or biting them; it was evident that they were tormenting the people. There were even spiders biting them.

The people were crying out to God as the torment occurred. No one was dead, but they were all dying. My friend and I had water jars, on slings that we carried on our hips; and we were ladling water into the peoples’ mouths; and praying for them. As we gave them water, and prayed, the desert creatures backed away from them. We had torches with us; as we put the torches in the ground, the insects backed away, and the animals too. The people we gave water to began reviving.

As we ministered to the people, we told them to pray for rain, and to trust that God could make the desert bloom. We shared Jesus with them, explaining the gospel message that Jesus died for our sins, and that through His blood shed on the cross, they could be forgiven if they asked Him to.

Then, Jesus showed up and ministered to the people who were reviving, while we went on to the next person. Jesus showed up as a giant lion. He would breathe over the person, and it was healing for them. He even stood over some of the people, and sheltered them from the blazing sun. 

Some of the people looked almost like dry skeletons. As we poured water over on them they revived and looked healthier, and we shared Jesus with them. My friend and I were sipping from the water as needed, because it was so hot and thirsty and dry in this desert place. The insects and animals tried to menace us, but as we held our torches close, they couldn’t come near.

Some of the people revived once they received water, but then they got up and walked away; they didn’t want to hear from Jesus (when this happened, we wept; we knew they would be in the same state again soon). Others were revived, and talked with Jesus, and welcomed Him, and we rejoiced with them. Jesus gave the ones who welcomed Him torches, too, and water jars. They went around, and began helping others, until the desert was filled with those giving out water and those being revived.

Then the scene ended. Holy Spirit was next to me, and I asked  what this scene meant. He said the desert represents the state of man without God, without hope. He said all men thirst, and cry out to God for help when in this state. We then asked Him why some people received the water, but not Jesus.  He said that the people who were thirsty represented those who cry out to God in a time of need; but then some of them become self-sufficient when they start to feel better; they forget the word they have heard that gave them hope. They walk off, and forget what they heard. He looked at me, and said “Don’t be like that” pretty severely. He said “Self sufficiency and pride will put you in the desert every time.”

 He said that those who listened to Jesus and ministered were those who realized that they had to keep depending on Him, once the initial need was met. My friend and I asked Holy Spirit to explain the symbols: the lion, the water, the insects, the torch. He said the lion represents authority; the bad lions were human authority that was destructive and could take lives; the coyotes represented the media taking down the weak and already wounded; the insects represented lies that caused pain in people’s lives; especially bitterness; the water represented the living water of the truth of the gospel; and the torch represented passion for God: the authentic relationship with Him, the knowledge that He is good, that He protects and keeps those who seek Him safe. Then, the dream ended.

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