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Angels Pouring Glory: prophetic art

angels pouring glory on the earth acrylic prophetic painting
Angels Pouring Glory, acrylic

A few weeks ago, I had a dream that I have been thinking about ever since, and above, I tried to paint it (but the dream was much more beautiful!).

In the dream, I was with Jesus, looking at the earth from a distance and above; it was a round globe with areas of darkness over it. Then I heard a trumpet sound, and suddenly these large angels dressed in white surrounded the earth at all points of the clock (there were 12). The angels were huge, they did not have wings, and their faces were both stern and joyful at the same time (I’m not sure how to describe that); they seemed serious, intent on what they were getting ready to do, but also joy filled.

As I watched, I saw that each angel had what looked like a golden lamp, it looked like something from ancient times, the type that would hold oil. The angels started pouring, and I was expecting to see oil, but instead, I saw beautiful, multi-colored light being poured, and I realized that I was watching God’s glory being poured out over the earth. The angels were pouring in response to the prayers for revival, and repentance, around the world.

I woke up after this, but have been thinking about the dream. The sense of wonder, awe and beauty was incredible. I do believe that revival is beginning!

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