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Goldfinch in late winter

acrylic painting of an American Goldfinch in late winter
“Goldfinch in Late Winter” acrylic 11 X 14 inches

I think that goldfinches are lovely birds. This past winter, I was house-sitting for a friend (she has three adorable dogs that require special care since they are getting older) and got an unexpected bonus: I saw this little fellow perched on a rail right outside the window.

My friend is an avid birdwatcher, too, and sets out feeders in her front and back yards, and also a feeder for the squirrels (to keep them out of the ones for birds!). So there were so many sightings of the birds common to Michigan winters. Most of all, I appreciate the fact that she, like many others I know, spends time and money on keeping the native birds alive during the often sub-zero temperatures that we see here up north.

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