Worse Before It Gets Better: Dream

Image credit: Pexels – Aaron Burden

A few weeks ago, I had another dream.  In the dream, I was next to a beautiful river filled with clear cool water, with a golden sandy beach, and Jesus was walking with me. We talked about numerous things, and then He told me “I want you to know something. Things will start to look as if they are getting worse (in the nation), but after this, things will get much, much better. Don’t worry if you see headlines that make it seem as if things are dark; I am the one who determines days and times, and my plans for the nations will not be changed. Satan has no power; believe what you hear from me and not what you read.”

Then, as I looked, He turned into a huge, majestic lion and opened up His mouth and roared. As He did so, I could see sound waves coming out of His roar; they were enveloping the earth, and somehow I knew that what HE wanted would be done; that His word and promises will come true and that I never need to worry about what the future holds. Then, as I continued looking, Jesus turned into a lamb on a throne with a golden crown. He was so bright, I couldn’t look at Him, and I fell down in awe. Then, the dream ended.

I wanted to share this to encourage others. I know that the news can be discouraging, with plenty of upsetting events highlighted that at times seem as if the lawless or those who don’t care about the direction things are going in have the upper hand. But God really is the one who is in charge, and His promises to us as believers are unshakeable. He is and will reign on earth, regardless of current events.

I am declaring that Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and that His will for our nation – and all the nations of the earth – His good will – will be accomplished, including revival that will transform the world.

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