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The Coming Battle and Strategies for Overcomers: Dream

Photo credit: pexels; Tara Winstead

I have had numerous dreams over the past two years, and am releasing them here when I feel led to.

9/21/20  In the Great Battle and Persecution

In this dream, I took Jesus’s hand, and thought about Psalm 18: how God rides on the storm clouds. It felt like I was riding a tornado, with the storm, the clouds and the lightening; it felt like I was riding the clouds with Jesus. Then He brought me to the mouth of a cave, and Holy Spirit greeted me, and then I saw different scenes.  

One scene was a battle; there were horses everywhere, and it looked like an old-fashioned battle scene. I realized that this was symbolic, as I was suddenly right there in the midst of it all. There was a huge battle going on, with fire bombs going back and forth. Messages were getting intercepted, and I saw generals making strategies behind the troops. I could see both sides of the battle at the same time, and the generals gathered together in a tent on each side. I could see and hear in both tents at the same time; but the people there couldn’t see me. Holy Spirit was holding my hand, and no one could see me, but I could see all of this at once.

I watched the enemy generals give counsel on how to crush the opposition, but then I saw an angel go, and deliver a scroll with this information to those on God’s side; He was “informing on the enemy” each time he tried to make a move. The scroll was prophecies, warning the generals about what was about to happen, to help them form their strategies.

I was there with them, reading the scrolls, and planning and praying how to proceed next. We all prayed, and asked Jesus in to guide us. Inside the tent, at the head of the table was a spot for Jesus. He was there, and He was helping the generals make decisions. Most of them were people I have never met, and they came from all different countries, like an international war council. I then realized that this represented a huge underground meeting of church leaders to determine what choices the church should be making. The church was being heavily pressured to cave in small areas; to not proclaim the truth and to compromise.

The angel’s scroll informed about some of the tactics, legislation and moves against Christians that would be made. Some looked very harmless, and didn’t look like they were against Christianity at all; but the scroll warned about the end result if it was accepted. All the generals could read the scroll. They were saying “There doesn’t seem to be any way out; what do we do?” On Jesus’s breast was a name tag, and it said “The Word of God” on it. A horse came galloping up with a communication, and when we read it, we all wept. We said “We have to help them”. Jesus agreed.

The decision was made to send troops and aid to whoever the communication that had just come in was about. We were all in unity about that. The generals were asking Jesus, “How will our members survive in this time? Many are starving, and others are hopeless. How are we to make a living?”  Jesus had a basket that contained bread inside, and He broke it, and we had communion. As He broke it, and the bread expanded, and He said “Feed my church likewise”. He gave us all bread to distribute. The bread kept multiplying as He gave it out.

Then, Jesus did something else. He turned to the back of the tent, and began digging in the ground, and there was gold. He said “Do likewise for the church”.  We all rushed to wash His hands off afterwards; and thanked Him.  We realized that He is going to provide financial provision where we wouldn’t think to look for it.

The most serious question was “how do we help our members stay faithful?” There was a lot of pressure to cave in order to feed the individual’s family, as well as emotional pressure from family members, to give in; there was also lots of social pressure, and media pressure. The enemy’s strategies were all to get people to give in, while feeling good about it, at what looked like a great reward for doing so. People were being severely tested for their faith.

Then, Jesus showed us an open vision of the cross, what He endured, and told us to share this with those who suffer, to pray for them and to ask His guidance in what to say to them. He gave each general something to put in their mouths, to speak the words that would help people cling to God during these times. Somehow, we knew all the generals were being hunted at this time; the enemy had eagles looking for them (these were bad eagles, almost like vultures, but they looked pretty).  The eagles represented government, and some form of state sponsored persecution; with the names and faces of Christian leaders being on the media; people were being told to look out for them. This meeting was put together by the Holy Spirit; we had all been told to meet together without talking to each other.

Holy Spirit turned to me and said “Start praying now for those who will be tested; and for those who lead the church in these times.” 

I then saw a beautiful white banner being raised above God’s camp, it said “Righteousness”, and people began flocking under it. The testing was causing people to turn to God, and seek Him, in a new way; to want Him to lead and be in control of their lives. The battle was intense, but the camp was protected. It wasn’t easy for people to get to the camp, but when they did, the camp was a safe place to be.

The battle was raging outside the camp. There was a wall of fire around the camp (which brought to mind the scripture: God Himself will be a wall of fire around Jerusalem). Different banners were being raised in the camp: faithfulness; love in spite of trials; worship; thanksgiving;  and people went into divisions under the different banners, and they started to march into the battle, and to extend the camp, making it easier for others to come in; they were taking ground. Initially, it looked pretty messy and chaotic, with people wandering everywhere wondering what to do. Later, it more looked organized.

Some of the divisions later were led by some of the generals themselves. Faithfulness was one of the first three. Praise/worship was also one, it was not about public singing from a platform; it was about the private worship in the heart, done in the midst of a great trial. That kind of worship was releasing the glory of God onto the battlefield, drawing Him close. Holiness was the third (someone who wholly dedicates himself to God). There were three other divisions as well. 

The various divisions lined up, then Jesus showed up on a white horse to lead them. A huge cheer went up, and then the final part of the battle, and the dream ended.

In the dream, I was told that I would see these events in my lifetime.

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