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Art Fair Next Week

Egret in blue evening light on Lake Huron, "Egret in the Evening"

In ten days, the first art fair of the spring that I will have a booth in will be held. It will be in Rogers City, and I have been busy getting prints ready, framing paintings, printing fine art cards and taking care of all the tasks to prepare.

I am a bit nervous, too, since I am not a “sales” type person, I am quite shy. But, last year I sold a lot of art at the two I attended (in spite of hiding out in the back a bit, and actually being glad it rained at one!), so I am trying again this year at four.

In Michigan, that means registering as a business, since I will no longer be able to operate as a “concessionaire” (you can only sell at two events under that category). So, I registered my DBA in my county, and sent in the paperwork to the Department of the Treasury for Michigan. So, it’s official: Yeshuas Child Art is now a business!

What I do look forward to is seeing the joy that people show when they see my art; this is really why I paint. Also, I love the children who get excited when they see a bird they recognize (I admit, I am no sales person, I gave away cards to several because they looked so wistfully at them).

But in the end, it’s fun, and tiring, and I hope that this year will bring just as many interested bird lovers of all ages. I loved trading notes with local birdwatchers, and learning some new spots to check out last year.

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