Tag: abstract

  • Prayers

    This painting was inspired by a dream I had, in which I saw what basically amounted to a “strategy room” in heaven. I saw individuals gathered around a table, some were people from the Bible (like Joshua), and they had a map of the world, and were working on strategies for various nations (not sure…

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  • Acrylic Pouring: Connections

    I have been experimenting with acrylic pouring, and it has been fun. Below is one method I tried. I call this painting “Connections”.

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  • Revival Coming (acrylic painting)

    While I normally don’t work in abstract, today I did, to depict the coming revival using acrylic paints: The wave represents the outpouring of the Holy Spirit; the light and dark dots below are people who are beginning to experience this. The revival is coming soon to America. There will be healings, and people coming…

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