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  • Shiny Cormorant: Acrylic Painting

    I had fun painting this cormorant; after I created his body using a mix of ultramarine and umber to create a rich black, I used gold paint mixed with sienna and blue to create the shiny feathers on his back. I also used some opalescent paint in the water for a bit of extra shine.…

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  • Family Outing: Acrylic Geese Painting

    This summer, I am exploring adding more color to my paintings. While the photo doesn’t do it justice, this one has a lot of cerulean and warm washes of sienna and some greens, and even alizarin – all colors that you can see reflected in the ever-changing waters. It was fun to paint what is…

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  • Chair on the Beach

    Last fall, when bird watching, I happened upon this stone bench by the shore. It was lovely, with the water all around it, and I decided to paint it in acrylics. It was a challenge – and fun- to paint the light on the water. I added in a bird resting for a moment, since…

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  • The Last Battle (Prophetic Art)

    A few months ago, I had a series of dreams night after night. The following scene depicts one of the scenes I saw (full description of the scene after the painting) The dream/vision:Then, Jesus took my friend and I to a mountaintop. It had a huge view of everything; we saw an eagle’s nest nearby.…

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  • Revival Coming (acrylic painting)

    While I normally don’t work in abstract, today I did, to depict the coming revival using acrylic paints: The wave represents the outpouring of the Holy Spirit; the light and dark dots below are people who are beginning to experience this. The revival is coming soon to America. There will be healings, and people coming…

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  • Learning to Paint Impressionism: Lilac blooms

    A few days ago, I set up a still life in my studio with a lilac sprig that I took from the bush outside. I wanted to paint my impressions of light and color, following the Hawthorne method as best as I could. Because of the late afternoon sun, there was a lot of golden…

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  • Teshuvah

    I have a good friend who also likes to paint, and she created a combination oil and acrylic painting that represents this season of Teshuvah (repentance) in the Jewish calendar. Here’s the result. I really love this, and hope that you enjoy it as well!

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  • What House Cats Dream About

    A couple of years ago, I painted a portrait of my tabby cat on the hunt. This is a whimsical one, I call it “What House Cats Dream About,” since he looked as fierce as any lion or tiger when stalking through the grass.

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  • My Favorite Painting

    As artists, we all have a favorite painting that we have created. Below is mine, because it expresses so much about my own personal beliefs. I call it “Faith” (acrylic, 16 X 20 on canvas board). I hope you enjoy it!

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