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The Last Battle (Prophetic Art)

A few months ago, I had a series of dreams night after night. The following scene depicts one of the scenes I saw (full description of the scene after the painting)

acrylic painting of the Last Battle (Christian prophetic art).
The Last Battle, acrylic, 16 X 20 inches

The dream/vision:
Then, Jesus took my friend and I to a mountaintop. It had a huge view of everything; we saw an eagle’s nest nearby. From up there, we saw the armies of the world gathering down below. There were huge armies; black demons were driving the people with huge forks and shovels, gathering them all together. The air over the gathering people was dark and oppressive. The field filled with millions upon millions, until you couldn’t see the ground for all the people. But we sensed that Jesus was wishing, seeking the lost, that even those in the black army would want to leave it and come to Him.
My friend and I then saw angels with silver trumpets in the sky that sounded. There was one for each corner of the earth, and then God’s army gathered together from all directions. They were patiently gathering, and waiting for Jesus in the field; they were on one side, and the black army on the other. The different units in God’s army had large banners for various divisions, that represented their anointing or the fruit of the spirit (“love”, “worship”, “prophecy” etc. that would be used in the battle). Jesus took my friend’s and my hand, and we all ran down the mountaintop towards the field together. There were two angels with a white horse; each held a rein on each side. Jesus told my friend and I “Wait here and watch”, so we did. He got up on the horse, and when He did, He started shining with God’s glory. He then went down to the front of His army. As He did, a huge cheer went up from God’s army. He had a banner in one hand; He raised it up high; then brought His hand down with it, and said “It’s time”. Then the fighting started. Even as they were fighting, those in God’s army were saying to those in the other one, “Get out, get out, come over to Jesus”, and some did. The battle lasted for awhile, it wasn’t short, not because God is weak, and couldn’t have ended it in two seconds, but because He is merciful; His people continuously called out for repentance to those on Satan’s side. Finally, the battle was over, and Satan’s army was completely conquered. (Then, the scene I painted in the “Marriage Feast of the Lamb” occurred).

What surprised me in the dream/vision was that the people in God’s army were calling out to those on the other side to come to the LORD, even at the end. I don’t have a theology or scripture to cover everything I saw, but the message was clear: God wins, and He is merciful. It was hard to depict something this huge, so I went somewhat abstract in the painting.

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