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  • A year of birds: August 2023

    While driving past Isaacson’s Bay on August 2nd, I saw a young eagle in the marsh. He turned and looked at me. I am so glad to see more eagles each year; these majestic birds have really made a comeback in our area. The next weekend, I saw a female ruby-throated hummingbird in the garden.…

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  • A Year of Birds 2023

    June Part 1 PART 1 June this year had so many lovely birds, that I have broken this bird watching diary into two parts this month. June has come in cool and rainy, and also extremely busy as I travel to another state with my friend to support her as she seeks treatment for a…

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  • Hummingbird in the Flowers

    Okay, I realized when I did this painting that it could seem a bit cliche; after all, there are so many hummingbird paintings out there. But I couldn’t resist painting this little ruby-throated that I saw drinking from the last of the summer flowers a few weeks ago, so I make no apologies. I think…

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