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A year of birds: August 2023

While driving past Isaacson’s Bay on August 2nd, I saw a young eagle in the marsh. He turned and looked at me. I am so glad to see more eagles each year; these majestic birds have really made a comeback in our area.

The next weekend, I saw a female ruby-throated hummingbird in the garden. These are beautiful little birds, and over the next few days, I saw two of them, busy gathering nectar out of the flowers that bloom in the garden.

Later in the evening, I saw a female merganser and two of her young on a rock in the bay. She seems to be standing watch over them.

There is a young sandhill crane that seems to be spending a lot of time at Isaacson’s Bay. He is beautiful, and on one of my trips into town, I stopped and took his picture.

By the middle of August, I saw a young blue heron out in the grasses near the bay. He took off when he saw me, then landed just a bit farther out. I love it when I see one!

This has been a cool, wet August, and while hiking one chilly afternoon the third week of August (yes, chilly, my friends and I had to wear jackets), I saw a tern flying and diving. I also saw a young gull that let me get quite close, so I took its photo while it was looking for food among the rocks.

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