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  • The Joy of Passover

    As a messianic Jew, I celebrate the feasts in both spring and fall. This is a cycle that repeats each year, as the seasons change. I have been asked by non-messianic Christian friends, “Why do you bother? Wasn’t that all done away with under the ‘new covenant’? I often want to reply, “Why do married…

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  • Winter is Over

    During the past few years, it has often felt as if a type of winter has held our nation in its grip. News headlines have proclaimed that things are rapidly getting worse, in an era where first COVID restrictions, and now war and the potential fall in the value of the dollar are being discussed.…

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  • About Sukkot

    A good friend of mine wrote an article about the meaning of the fall festivals. I wanted to share them here, on this second day of Sukkot, the most joyous of all feasts. SUKKOT (THE FEAST OF TABERNACLES)(and other themes associated with it) THE SEASON OF OUR JOY: The Feast of Tabernacles lasts seven days…

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  • About Yom Kippur

    Because Yom Kippur starts this evening, I wanted to share what a good friend of mine wrote about this day and its themes for messianic believers. This information is based on the book “The Seven Festivals of the Messiah” by Edward Chumney. YOM KIPPUR (THE DAY OF ATONEMENT)(and themes associated with it) YOM KIPPUR (The…

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  • Pray for Israel: Prophetic

    I have had a lot of dreams about Israel. The main import of them has been to pray for Israel. This is one of the dreams. Please be aware that dreams are symbolic, and may not depict physical reality. In this dream, Jesus took my hand, and I started running with Him, going super fast.…

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  • About Rosh Hashana

    Because we are in the ten days of awe, I wanted to share a bit about my faith. A good friend has written about the meaning of Rosh Hashana for messianic believers, which I will share here. This is a time full of prophetic significance! OBSERVING BLIBICAL FEAST DAYS IS SIGNIFICANT FOR ALL BELIEVERS TODAY…

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  • Faith 2

    Because I sold my “Faith” painting awhile back, I decided to repaint it, with a slightly different emphasis. Here is Faith 2: “Faith 2”, oil, 16 X 20, canvas wrap.

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  • “Praise” oil painting

    This week I set up a still life with some praise instruments from my church. I decided to use a limited palette, with warm tones for a more intimate feeling. This is the final painting. “Praise” original oil, 16 X 20.

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  • Teshuvah

    I have a good friend who also likes to paint, and she created a combination oil and acrylic painting that represents this season of Teshuvah (repentance) in the Jewish calendar. Here’s the result. I really love this, and hope that you enjoy it as well!

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