On painting landscapes

Mountain Stream, Pennsylvania  Oil, 16 X 20 on canvas boardImageI love to paint landscapes.

I enjoy trying to capture the feel of water rushing over rocks, and the soft greens, yellow greens and grays of trees; or in winter, the russet browns and yellow ochres. On a trip to Pennsylvania two years ago, I took several photos of a stream that ran through a park (being from Texas, I was NOT ready to paint ‘plein aire’ in the freezing temperatures there).

This stream was the result. I was playing with cobalt blues and purple browns at the time. Actually, I “play” a lot when I paint, experimenting with different colors.

To me, that is the heart of good art: trying new things, and exploring different color combinations. I hope to never get “stale” or formulaic in my painting. I hope you enjoy this one.

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