Spring Road in Michigan

The other day, I noticed that there is a LOT of purple and green in the Michigan landscape. So, I set out to create a painting that reflects this:

ImageThe real painting isn’t quite this purple in real life (this is a not-so-good photograph with glare; I need to learn how to take better pictures fast if I want folks to see what the paintings really look like).  But it does show the general idea. If you go outside right now and look, the light hits a lot of the pine trees (which have reddish trunks) and they look…purple.

How cool is that? Purple and green are fun to play with.

Anyway, I love this little country road, way out in the middle of almost nowhere. The trees remind me of people with hands raised in joy and praise. And that brings a lot of joy when I’m painting, to remember who the real creator of all things is (hint: it’s in my blog name, too).

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