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Birds of Michigan series: Titmouse

Recently, I’ve been painting birds. I did a couple for one of the bathrooms in the house I live in, to complement a series of birdhouses that a roommate put up. They look nice together, along with the shower curtain that has…birds.

I live where the birds constantly come and visit, due to the feeders we put out. During the fall, winter and spring, the chickadees, titmouses, red-breasted Grosbeaks and cardinals swoop in all day long, while the finches and woodpeckers get their share, too.

A friend suggested that I paint a “Birds of Michigan” series (this friend REALLY likes birds). So, I’ve decided to go for it. This is the first painting I’ve completed; it’s a titmouse. Image

I hope you like this little feller. He has that cheeky look that titmouses get; I love their beady eyes and tuft of hair. I think he’s quite satisfied with himself!


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  1. He is very cute and nicely done. I am also a painter, but rarely put my paintings on my blog – too much stealing. My other blog, not this one from where I am commenting has some of my art.

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