Does Good Art Require Caffeine?

I admit it. When I get ready to start work on a painting, I require the help of caffeine. The photo below shows my favorite forms of consumption:


Hot, black, dark roast coffee and dark chocolate. I love espresso, when I can get it, but will settle for Seattle’s Best Dark Roast at home.

This got me to thinking. A lot of artists I know drink a lot of coffee. And galleries are often in or near coffeeshops. So there must be a relationship between heavy caffeine consumption, and the creation and enjoyment of art, right?

Anyway, here’s an informal poll for you artistic types, just for fun

Do you require caffeine to produce your art?

a. Yes, I drink several energy drinks and shots of espresso each day to get my creative juices flowing

b. Yes, I drink hot coffee several times a day, combined with chocolate and sodas

c. Yes, I drink a cup of green tea each day

d. No, I wouldn’t put anything that unhealthy near my lips, I only drink Kale purees


I would love to hear how others get themselves motivated to create their masterpieces each day. I’ll share the results next week!

4 responses to “Does Good Art Require Caffeine?”

  1. Donna, you’re right. Cola is also very, very important! I also missed “intravenous coffee” which one artist friend mentioned to me. I wonder how any art got done before the invention of the Keurig?

  2. Coffee for me, but I’ve started cutting back and drinking more water. It probably also helps that it’s stinking hot where I live so water is a good option.

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