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The Feast of Tabernacles

As a messianic (Jewish) Christian, I enjoy this time of year more than any other. As a child, I lived for a time in Israel, and once the Day of Atonement is past (last weekend), the tabernacles start going up. These are small, temporary shelters (sukkah) which are erected for this Thursday’s celebration of Sukkot, or the Feast of Tabernacles.

Yesterday, some friends and I erected our sukkah. Here’s a picture of it:

picture of a sukkah for sukkot
My sukkah

I can’t wait to go in and have morning coffee in it (it’s a great spot for quiet times); I like to imagine Yeshua having coffee with me in it!

I also love the joy of this season. Here are two of my favorite songs which show the celebration of this time, which remembers that Yeshua is coming back soon.


Also, my favorite song by Paul Wilbur:



Chag Sameac! (Happy Festival!)

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  1. I enjoy your writings about this! I am a Christian as well and had a former Pastor go into Jewish ministries. There was a messianic Christian church nearby and it was very cool.
    Thanks for sharing = )

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